Friday, June 3, 2016

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Greetings Champions,

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The Good News Is Blogger Hasn't Shut Down My Site: So This Site Is Officially Under Construction. The Even Better News Is: That Without Me Posting Anything: You People Still Visit My Site: And The Online Visitation Numbers Go Up Daily: Which Is Great!

My Quote For You Today Is:

I'm Not A Quitter I Just Quit A Lot Of Things Until I Find The Perfect Thing That Makes Me Complete: In That Specific Moment In Time - End Quote - Liz Radio (mz.Radio)

If You Can Believe It: I'm Really Inspired By The Transformation And The Evolution Of Madonna..I Kindof Gravitate Not To What She Does But Gravitate To The Whole Change Is About Evolving And Evolving Is About 'Growth'. So Yeah I Kindof Quit Everything: The Radio Flier: Mailing Inspiration: Thing: The Whole Church Thing; Quoting The Bible Thing: Quoting The History Quotes Thing; Poetry.  The World Is A Negative Place With Very Little Reciprocity To Us Positive Folk So Protect Your Momentum And Movement And Smile.

Now I'm Like:

Now What?

How Do I Take What I've Been Doing Over There On Twitter And Re-Arrange It To You All Here On ... Blogger. Just Know I Can't.  Cause I've Drastically Changed And Transformed, Once Again.  From Being A Movement Of Inspiration In The 'World Of Inspiration' With The Title Radio Flier I Have Done The Best Thing For This Moment In Time and Have Taken That Name Radio Flier And Created The Radio Flier Anti Aviation Terrorism Squad.  I've Also: Because The World Is Not Such A Terrible Place : Per Say: But The World Is ...'The World' So I've Gone Back To My Tourism But Yet Artistic Comedic Roots And Developed  A:
'Drinking Game'.
What Can I Say:
I Took The Right Program In 2002 And Graduated From That Program In 2002 Which Is A North American 'NATIONAL GUARD' Post 9/11 Anti-Terrorism Tourism Aviation Travel Agent - Access Endorsed Level II Certification Program; And I Did It At My Local 'Community College' (VCC). With This Drinking Games: I've Gone Back To My Tourism Aviation Roots.  My Tourism Aviation Career Began At YVR Vancouver International Airport With   My Drinking Game, It Has All That Good Stuff Incorporated It With It, Along With Foreign Affairs Issues, North American Issues, And Good Wholesome Comedic Social Fun. My Drinking Game Is Called The Wisers Whisky Question Of The Day (#WisersWhiskyQuestionOfTheDay) Have You Heard Of It? You Have? Excellent! I'm Pleased To Inform You That's Me: Liz Radio , mz.Radio.   My Wisers Whisky Question Of The Day Drinking Game Rules Are Like This:
A: You Get In A Group Of People:
B:You Pick One Mr.Speaker Out:
C:Mr.Speaker Reads The Questions Off Of My Twitter @mzRadio
D: While The Mr Speaker Of The Drinking Game Is Reading Out The Questions
The Group Takes 2 Shots Of Wisers Whisky
E: Then Everybody Answers, And Bitches And Bitches And Bitches Until ...Your Famous.

I Chose Wisers Whisky Because It's A Great Canadian Whisky By JP Wisers Who Is A Canadian Icon And Has Been In Business Since:1857.  I Also  Chose Wisers Whisky Because I Had So Many Questions About What Is Transpiring In My Life And The World Around Me And Nobody To Give Me Answers: So I Knew I Was Missing 1 Thing: Wise Questions, Or The Right Questions Or Is It: Wise Right Questions.  Either Way; However You Answer: It's Been A Success And Has Been Ongoing Since 2013!! The Radio Fliers Anti Aviation Terrorism Squad Has Been Ongoing Since 2014 And Has A Great Slogan: Two Rights Don't Make A Wrong But Two Wrights Just Made A Plan! And Me As Liz Radio, mz.Radio And The mz.Radio Movement Has Been Ongoing For An Entire: Decade Since 2006. I Have A Couple Side Projects And Side Campaigns: One That Involves Being The Creator Of 'Dog Union - I Am Important -'Dog Is God Spelled Backwards' And 'Dance Sees No Color! Great Things! Great Things! Great Things! .... I'm Busy!

It's Finally Here: American Election Season And It's A Beautiful Thing Isn't It?
As You Can Tell With The Above Picture Of George Bush Jr. In His 'Air National Guard Uniform' I Am In Fact A : George Bush Jr. Supporter And A Bush Administration Supporter.
I'm Not Much Of A Obama Fan Or Supporter Of As The Rest;
But Hey He Tried Right And So 'Did Africa'.  Ever Since 2008 Where They Switched Everything Over For 'Obama' My Life Has Been On A Down Ward Spiral, Like A Real Bad Plane Ride: Turbulant... Until Now.  I've Been Harrassed, Sexually Assualted, Victimized, I've Suffered From Agravated Assault, Verbal Assault, Ousted, Defrauded, Defamed, Oustrasized And Isolated When I'm Just Up North Here Right On The Canadian American Border Line: EH! It's Not That I Don't Like You As Fans: Just Know I Have Problems Cause Of This Radio Flier Eh!
Can You Believe That's What I Say Before I Drink A Couple Of Glasses Of Wisers Whisky. 
Like I Don't Know If It's Cause It's Too Positive Or That It Wasn't Foreign And African Enough But When I'm Mixed; White, Black And Native Indian (America/Canadian Mix) Just Know: I Don't Care.
I'm Not Gonna Blame This Radio Flier For All My Problems When The Radio Flier Anti Aviation Terrorism Squad: Has Brought Me So Many Answers And Brought Alot Of Peace In My Time Of Calamity, But I Will Say This: When I'm This Talented In The Performing Arts: Through Dance: American Can Can, Tap, Jazz, Ballet, Broadway Musical Theater And Literal Arts Writing This Blog And Writing Spoken Word And Song Writing And Artistic Arts: Won My First Art Award In Grade 4 For Drawing Garfield And The Award I Won Was A 'Power Of Laughter Award'. The Good News Is Just Know: I Have A Great Reputation Both In Tourism, Aviation And In The Arts All Up And Down The Western Sea Board: From BC To California And Outside Of The (Secret Art's Society's  That I Am Not Nor Have I Ever Been A Member Of). Speaking Of Secret Society's Organizations, Or Organizations And Due To The Current Situation I Should Put It Out; There That I Am Not Black Panther Affiliated Nor Am I A Black Panther Nor A Black Panther Supporter Nor Have I Ever Been.  I Know People Who Are Black Panthers But As You And Me Both Know They Keep That A Secret Until They End Up In Their Secret Meetings That I Don't Attend To Or Pay Dues To. Nor Am I Illuminati Affiliated Or Illuminati Endorsed Or A Illuminati Supporter Or Anything To Do With The Illuminati Just Know : I Ain't It Nor Do I Do It: For Free Or At Cost Or Whatever It Is That You People Do. That Being Said I Am Fully Aware That's What's In Power Right Now: Both Illuminati And Black Panthers, And Not Sure Why My Name Came Up In That 'Demographic' When My Own Family Doesn't Even Associate With Ya'all Either..So Go Fuck Yourselves With Your Bullshit Cause In Like What ....5 Months: That Secret Society Hybrid Is Out Of The White House (Finally)
That Being Said: Just Know;
No Matter How Hot That Heat That Negativity Brings Just Know It's NO Sweat Off My Brow.
Now If Your A Part Of That Anti-Liz Radio, Anti-mz.Radio Or Even Anti My Government Name: Liz Ferguson Just Know The Feeling Is Mutual: Just Like Your Not A Fan Or A Supporter Of Me: I Am Not A Fan Or A Supporter Of You: And To Make Matters Even Worse For Your Self Esteem: Keep In Mind I Don't Even Know Your Name: So What Does That Tell You When Your Negative Concerned Is The Root Of Peoples Problems: Who Don't Even Know You.

If That Isn't You: Then Hey Let's Move On Shall We: And Move Forward:
On A Lighter Note: Cause I'm Bright Like Them Northern Lights
Living On The Canadian And American Borderline Like Almost All My Life:
Just Know I Am A Supporter And Love The United States Of America.

Whatever You Take From This Message, Cherish It And  Know In My Time Of Hardship
That It Was 'Twitter' That Cleared My Name Especially In Every Hardship Where 'Fraud' Was The Root And I Am Incredibly Greatful To Twitter And To That Format Of Social Media Platform.

 Follow Me On Twitter @mzRadio


Liz Radio

CEO, VP, CFO Of Everything I Do Artistically

Saturday, June 21, 2014

'Radio Flier - I QUIT The Radio Flier BLOG And BLOGGING FOREVER

Greetings Champion(s)
As You May Already Know If Not Well Here...
Let Me Properly Inform You: I Am A Proud North American
Who Loves North America: I Am Canadian But I Love
My Neighbours Down South In America And Ofcourse
We Can't Forget Mexico! Ole! You All Know I'm Canadian
As In Canadian Born And From Trail BC
And Trail BC Is A Border Town
That Is Right On The Border Of Canada And The United
States Of America.  Am I Dual - Can You Believe 'Practically'
Without A Doubt And My Allegiance Lies Here At Home With Canada
And North America And Not With International Influences From Abroad.
They Say Home Is Where The Heart Is And If That Is So And It Is
Written In The HOLY Bible That :
God Is Love
Then If: God Is Love And Home Is Where The Heart Is:
Does That Mean That North America Is The Best Place On Earth?
Here Let Me Answer That: YES It Really Is.
With That In Mind To The Internationally Community Its Been
Great Influencing You Or Inspiring You Even Encouraging You
But Being I Am A Citizen Of This Great Continent
It Has Been A TRUE Honor And Great Pleasure Being Their For
My Own Citizens Of North America Cause They Come First.
If I Have Encouraged The Internationally Communities Patriotism
For Your OWN Country Can I Also Re-Iterate Make That Patriotism
Stay In Your Own Country And May It Not Transcend Into  North America
Because North America Has Its Own Identity In All THREE Beautiful
Countries: Canada And The United States Of America And Mexico
And We Have Our Own Identity As A Continent.
North America Is Its Own Continent With Its Own Identity.
If I Have Not Only Outlined That But Exposed That
... With This Radio Flier
Via mz.Radio Movement BLOG Than ....
I Guess I Have Done A MIGHTY Fine Job In
International Foreign Relations
... Haven't I.
If A Nations Patriotism Spreads Out Across The Globe
Whats Use Is It To A Nation Where That Patriotism Was
Originally Born At?
Did You Know On North American SOIL That:
International Influence Patriotism Use Diminishes
And That Foreign Patriotism Instantly Becomes Useless
Because Their On Foreign Soil.
To North America, I Love You,
And I Appreciate You And Let Your Patriotism
Be That Defense Mechanism That We All LOVE And Cheer For.
And May Our North American Patriotism Flourish
And Replenish The Areas That Have Been Overly
Influenced By The Internationally Community
And The Areas That Have Been Silenced And May It
Congratulate The Areas Of North America Who Are
Filled With North Americans Who Are
LOUD And OBNOXIOUS Who Always Say:
We Love Being North American And We Are North American
And God Bless North America!
May All That North American Patriotism
Not Only Create A Movement Of JOY
And Cheerfulness That Makes Us DANCE
But May We Celebrate In The Future Of This Great Continent
Of North America - You Know The North America That Is On A United Front
A North America That Stands - Together On All 3 Soils Of
Canada And The United States Of America And Mexico And Last
But Not Least On North American Soil.
Now I Wave Bye Bye To Every Other Foreign Influence
Cause Guess What... There's No Place Like Home...
And There Is No Place Like My Own Continent Of North America Home!
God Bless North America!
- Adios! Bye! Good Bye And Good Day!

Signed Liz Radio


With Labour Day Weekend On The Horizon
I Have Decided To Extend My Summer Break Until 2015.
I Need A Break To Rejuvenate Myself And
My Positive Creative Inspirational Skills Building Juices.

Moving Forward
Please Know When I Call You Champion(s)
That I Am Sincere And It Comes From A Genuine Heart,
And Know I Am Greatfull To God For My 'Radio Flier Fans,
The 'Radio Flier Began As An Internet Mailing
Back In 2006, Right After I Was Given The Name
'Lizz Radio' And 'mz.Radio', It Was Introduced
Into The 'Blogosphere In 2009.

Through The Years I Have Met Some Great People
Of All Age Demographics That Have Joined On The
'Radio Flier Momentum And I Am Forever Humbled
That You Came Along For The Ride.
You Have Not Only Inspired Me And Encouraged Me To Write,
But I Am Over Joyed To Know That It Has Helped
So Many People Of All Ages, All Races, Nationalities And Encouraged
Many To Obtain Their Goals, And To Point Them In The Right Direction,
When They Were Going In The Wrong Direction
And To Inspire Those To 'Just Do The Right Thing'.

I Am Thankful I Can Inspire You All,
That Being Said I Know My 'Radio Flier Fans Are Not
Necessarily My 'Poetry Fans' And My 'Poetry Fans'
Have Known mz.Radio Since 2007 But The Radio Flier Fans Have
Known Me First And The People Who Gave Me The Stage Name
Lizz Radio/mz.Radio Have Known Me For Decades.
I Am Honoured To Be Given The Name Lizz Radio/mz.Radio

(Especially When The MZ Radio Is A Radio That Is Used
By Our Special Armed Forces In Canada And America And Was
An Invention By The American Navy) With That Responsibility
Of The Name MZ Radio I Am Honoured That I Have Inspired The Masses
With The 'Radio Flier And You Have Danced Along To A lot Of Quotes
That Have Been Posted Via The 'Radio Flier So Keep Dancing,
In The Streets. That Being Said With A lot Of Thought, Prayer And Even Fasting,
On June 8, 2014 I Quit Poetry Writing/Performing/Recording And Making Poetry Videos
And Bowed Out Of The Poetry World Forever.
I Call You All Champion(s)
And I Hope My Choices And Decision Making Never
Discourages You From Who God Has Predestined You To Be
(Whether You Believe In God Or Not)
But Instead I Pray That It Can Only Inspire You To Know:
That It Is For The Better, And You Too May Have To Much On Your Plate
That You Have To Clean Off During The Season Of The 'Crossroads'.

Everyone Knows When You Reach A Crossroad,
No One But You Can Decide Which Way You Will Choose In Life,
And Can You Believe That Is What Happened.
I Came To A Crossroad Where I Made The Best Decision.
Cheer Because No One Can Change My Mind
And I Know I Made The 'Right Decision' For Me And My Family.

Moving Forward I Am Still In Tourism And Have Been Since 2002
(For Over 12 Years Now)That Is The Beauty Of This Blog/Radio Flier :
So  If Your Wondering Why All The History Facts, Patriotic Facts, Canadian Facts, Civil Right Facts;Well Because That Is What Tourism Does; Promotes All Geographic Locations
For All Types Including The 'History Buffs' For All.
Keep In Mind As I 'Clear The Air'
I Also One Day Wish To Bridge My Tourism/Aviation Career,
With My Love For Civil Rights, History And The Arts And
Be A United Nations Ambassador For North America:
I Wish To Advocates Against Injustices And In-Humane Acts Committed Against
North America (Canada, America And Mexico)
And All Of Our North American Citizens ONLY.
Hopefully You NOW Understand The Trajectory Of The Current 'Radio Flier.
So With No Further Ado, Please Ladies And Gentelman Enjoy
Your Summer Vacation And I Will See You In The Fall.
Please Celebrate And Enjoy All The Events That Tourism Canada
And Tourism America Put On In These Two Great Nations.
Go On Your Instinct And Support And Promote 'Safe Patriotic Venues'
For A Change Would Ya!
In Other News Please Take The Time This Summer To Celebrate
Canada's National Day - Canada Day On July 1st,
And Begin On The Party Momentum And Countdown Of Canada's 150th Birthday Party
In The Year 2017. For More Information Please Read Here
If Your Travelling This Summer Within North America Or
Internationally And Need A Great Reference Of
Maps, Geography And Country History And General Information,
This Link Called World Atlas Will Be Beneficial To Answering Your Travel Inquiries.
Prior To Confirming Any Of Your Travel Reservations Click Here On The
Canadian Government Travel Advisory List To See If The Destination Of
Your Choice Is 'Safe To Travel To'

Embedded image permalink
Moving Forward This Summer And In More Party News
Being That The 'Radio Flier Is Partly 'Duel' And
Has A lot Of American Readers And Fans, And Even American
Presidential Quotes Please Celebrate America's Independence Day
That Will Be On July 4, 2014 ( If You Already Haven't Planned To Do So)
If Your Under 19 The Following Instructions Are Not For You But If You Are
Over 19 In America And Especially In Canada Party Hard This Summer
And I Will See You In The Fall -
'Radio Play Of The Day - Canada's National Anthem Performed By The Molson Canadian Symphony

'Radio Play Of The Day - America's National Anthem Performed By A Symphony

It Is Written In Genesis 1:3
God Said; Let There Be Light And There Was Light -
May God's Light, Shine Freely On Our Beautiful Continent (Amen)
God Bless Our Canadian And American Citizens,
God Bless Our Two Nations
And God Bless All Of Our Troops That Serve
Within Our Two Nations And Who Serve Overseas!
God Bless Our Aviation,
God Bless Our Skys
God Bless Our Seas From Seas To Seas
God Bless The 'Radio' And All Of It's Inventions
Enjoy The Summer!

Bless Up And Stay Bless

Liz Radio
CEO VP CFO Of Everything I Do Artistically

Thursday, June 19, 2014

'Radio Flier - Brother Bear

Greetings Champion(s)
Let Every Nation Know
Whether It Wishes Us Well, Or Ill,
Bear Any Burden,
Meet Any Hardship,
Support Any Friend,
Oppose Any Foe,
To Assure The Survival And The Success Of Liberty.
End Quote - John F. Kennedy
'Radio Play Of The Day - Canada's National Anthem Performed By; Molson Canadian Symphony
Liz Radio
CEO VP CFO Of Everything I Do Artistically

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

'Radio Flier - Dots

Greetings Champion(s)
Sometimes When You Connect The Dots,
You Forget The Stars In The Bigger Picture.
'Radio Play Of The Day- ZZ Top - La Grange
Liz Radio
CEO VP CFO Of Everything I Do Artistically

Monday, June 16, 2014

'Radio Flier - Reminder

Greetings Champion(s)
A Match Won Today
Could Be The Reminder Of Our
Triumphant Battle Won Centuries Ago.
'Radio Play Of The Day - Black Eyed Peas - Don't Stop The Party
Liz Radio
CEO VP CFO Of Everything I Do Artistically