Thursday, July 15, 2010

'Radio Flier - Love Covers All Offenses

Greetings Champion

How you doing? Talk to me like Petey Greene.

Live life to the fullest cause you never know.
Live it Up!
Smile and Count your Blessings
Thanks for the Luv

May You Stay Bless

Keep Smiling And Most Of All "LOVE"!!!
Because LOVE Covers All Offenses
- EndQuote "The Bible"

'Radio Play Of The Day - Black Eye Peas Ft Justin Timberlake -
Where Is The Love

Liz "mz.Radio" "Lizz Radio" "Radio" Ferguson
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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

'Radio Flier - I Met Nasa Astronaut Charlie Duke

Geetings Champion

The Other Day While Attending a "Bible Study" At The Simpson's
Household in Barbados (St.Phillip)
I met Nasa Astronaut Veteran Charlie Duke*

Have You Ever Seen Apollo 13?
In The Film That Is Based On A True Story:
His Character Catches The Measels And Was Unable
To Board The Apollo 13,
Tom Hanks Character Went In His Place

Charlie Duke Spoke to a group of us and shared us his story of "Walking on the moon."
It was a pun intended. I was speachless, amazed:
I kept looking at him,
Looking at the moon
Looking back at him

RIP Michael; this is ridonculous!!!
this man really walked on the moon!
And that is when I reflected back to a line that I always say and that's when I thought of you: 'cause sharing is caring

Sky is the Limit...... But Remember there is still Footprints on that Moon!

Keep Smiling, Keep Dreaming, Keep Shining Star

Bless Up And Stay Bless

'Radio Play Of The Day - ZZ Top - La Grange

Liz "mz.Radio" "Lizz Radio" "Radio" Ferguson 
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'Radio Flier - Just Do It

Greetings Champion

How you keeping?

Some folks of mine were talking about how they was
"trying"to do something and this quote came to mind,
(and then I thought I should share with You) :

Try not.
Do... or Do Not.
There is no try.

 EndQuote - Yoda

Yes I am quoting Star Wars!!!!

Just Do It:
Washington County Oregan's
Nike Headquarters!

Bless Up And Stay Bless

'Radio Play Of The Day - T.I. No Matter What

Liz "mz.Raido" "Lizz Radio" "Radio" Ferguson
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'Radio Flier - Gone Fishing

Greetings Champion

Give a Man a Fish and He will Eat for a Day
Teach a Man to Fish and He will Eat Forever.
Who's Teaching You How To Fish?
And What Are You Eating?

Whomever It Is And Whatever It Is;

I Hope You Have A Great Recipe
Bless Up And Stay Bless

'Radio Play Of The Day - Louise Armstrong And Bing Crosby - Gone Fishin'

Liz "mz.Radio" "Lizz Radio" "Radio" Ferguson
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