Monday, July 30, 2012

'Radio Flier - RULES


Greetings Champion!

Radio Flier Rules:
1.Don't Ever Underestimate My Ambitous Drive
2.Don't Ever Think You Can Break Mine
or The Radio Flier's Spirit
3.Don't Ever Think Your Personal Opinion
of The Radio Flier will Ever Stop it from "Existing"
4.Don't Ever Think You Rejecting The Radio Flier Personally/Professionally Will Create An
Obstacle or Mountain in it's Path
5.Don't Ever Ask Me To Personalize
The Radio Flier To YOU
6.Don't Ever Take it Personal about
"Who I Choose To Promote" and
"When I Choose To Promote"
7.Don't Ever Use My Intellectual Property I.E.
'Radio Flier Without My
(Elizabeth "mz.Radio" Ferguson's) Authorization 
because that is "Copy-Right Infringement" AND

In Blatent Terms:

8. Don't Ever Touch A Black Man's Radio

They Say: Practice Makes Perfect:
I Say: Practice Makes A Champion

'Radio Play Of The Day -
Ice Cube - Check Yo Self


1Luv To The Radio Flier

Signed: Liz "mz.Radio" "Lizz Radio" "Radio" Ferguson
And The mz.Radio, 'Radio Flier, mz.Radio Movement
Board Of Directors


Saturday, July 28, 2012

'Radio Flier - Radio The Olympian

Greetings Champion

 Just Like:
"Iron Sharpens Iron"
"Shine Brightens Shine"
"Grind Prosperous Grind"
- End Quote mz.Radio

It Was June 2012 - Metrotown Mall Burnaby BC Canada

Yes: This Is An Official Olympic Flame Torch Carrier, Couldn't Believe It Myself When I Saw It! But IT's the Truth Because in 2010 Vancouver Held The Winter Olympics, So The Flame Has To Pass Through All The Cities iT Visited Prior To Going To It's Host City, So In this Case It Would've Been London 2012 Olympics: Vancouver Was It's Last Stop. (Burnaby Is A Municipality Of Vancouver) So I Couldn't Resist Either: So I Had To Ask Can I Get My Picture Taken With The Olympic Torch And They Said: No PROBLEM! And I Said Cool:I'm An Olympian, I'm mz.Radio And I Run This

'Radio Play Of The Day - B.O.B - I Am The Champion


1Luv To The All The Champions of The 'Radio Flier!
Liz "mz.Radio" "Lizz Radio" "Radio" Ferguson
CEO VP CFO Of Everything I Do Artistically

Friday, July 27, 2012

'Radio Flier - Bolt

Greetings Champion

I can see the end and the beginnin’
So I'm not racin’,
I’m just sprintin’
’Cause I don't wanna finish
They diminish,
I replenish

-Dwayne Carter -

Radio Play Of The Day - Solid As A Rock

1Luv To The Heart Of The Champions!

Liz "mz.Radio" "Lizz Radio" "Radio" Ferguson
CEO VP CFO Of Everything I Do Artistically


'Radio Play - mz.Radio - Run Tell That

Greetings Champion


'Radio Play Of The Day - Liz 'mz.Radio' Ferguson' Run Tell That

This One's Dedicated To Everyone I Grew Up With In Trail B.C. CANADA,_British_Columbia
1Luv To The Home Of The Champions and The Trail Blazers of Trail!

All Rights/Copyrights Reserved To The Writer And The Performer Only
Liz 'mz.Radio' Ferguson

1Luv To The Music!

Liz "mz.Radio" "Lizz Radio" "Radio" Ferguson
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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

'Radio Flier - Musicians Rights Organization Canada

This Goes Out To People Who Actually, Genuinely Care.....

Greetings Champion

When The Going Gets Tough
The Tough
Get Tougher

1Luv To The Music and All Artists!

Brought To You By: Musicians Rights Organization Canada 

As Shown On This Website:

Neighbouring Rights

Until 1997, only songwriters and music publishers received royalties for broadcasting or public performances because the law only recognized value in the songs (musical works). Since then under the neighbouring rights regime, the broadcast and public performance of sound recordings and the performers’ performance on sound recordings now trigger payments to record companies and performers.
Neighbouring rights refers to the bundle of rights that attach to sound recordings and performers’ performance, which are not traditional “works” recognized under the world’s copyright legislation.
The Neighbouring Rights Revenue that is collected by Re-Sound (formerly NRCC – Neighbouring Rights Collective of Canada) breaks down into two equal revenue streams. They are:
  • The Performers revenue stream
  • The Record Producers (“Makers”) revenue stream.
Neighbouring Rights Breakdown

The Performer’s revenue stream is disbursed to MROC, as well as to ACTRA/RACS and Artisti for distribution to their respective eligible performers.
The Makers revenue stream is disbursed to AVLA and SOPROQ for distribution to their respective eligible members.
Performers who own their own sound recording are entitled to receive revenue from both streams.
Re-Sound Music Licensing Company (formerly NRCC)– is a not-for-profit music umbrella collective created in 1997 to license music users and to collect fees from them for neighbouring rights users. The royalties it collects are divided among the five sub-collectives of which MROC is one. Re-Sound files and justifies tariffs at the Copyright Board applicable to various users of music, including commercial radio broadcasters, CBC radio, pay audio, satellite radio and commercial establishments for broadcast, radio-communication and public performance of sound recordings. Re-Sound also sits on the Board of Directors of the Canadian Private Copying Collective (CPCC). The money CPCC receives for private copying is paid to songwriters, music publishers, performers and record companies. See the charts under the Private Copying Tab for more detail.

Tariffs and the Copyright Board

Re-Sound and CPCC file tariffs with the Copyright Board of Canada whose responsibility is to certify tariffs proposed by collective societies.
The Copyright Board is an economic regulatory body empowered to establish, either by statute or at the request of an interested party, the royalties to be paid for the use of copyright works and other subject matter such as performers’ performances and sound recordings. The Board also has the right to supervise agreements between users and licensing bodies and issues licenses when the copyright owner cannot be located.
To learn about the various tariffs that are currently in place or tariffs that are being proposed go to and you will find on the left hand side of the home page a section entitled tariffs. Click on it and it will display the Certified Tariffs – ones that are currently approved. You can also click on Proposed Tariffs to see tariffs that have been proposed but are not yet certified by the Board, as it has not made its ruling.
These are Re-Sound’s Certified Tariffs:
Tariff 1 A- Commercial Radio Stations – (over – the – air commercial stations)
Tariff 1 C – CBC Radio – (all over – the – air CBC and Radio – Canada radio services)
Tariff 2 – Pay Audio Services (e.g., audio music channels on cable systems)
Tariff 3 – Supply and Background Music (e.g., in restaurants and retail stores)
Tariff 4 – Satellite Radio (XM & Sirius)
More details about these tariffs can be found at / website)

Private Copying Levy

Under Canada’s Copyright Act, it is legal for individuals to copy recorded music for their own personal use. In exchange, rights holders, including performers, are entitled to receive remuneration in the form of private copying royalties from a levy. The levy is collected from manufacturers and importers of blank audio media including recordable CDs. The Canadian Private Copying Collective (CPCC) collects the levy and disburses to Re-Sound the share of the levy (about 40%) to which performers and record companies are entitled. Re-Sound in turn distributes to MROC the share to which its performers are entitled.
The other 60% of the levy collected is distributed to songwriters and music publishers through their collective societies.
Private copying refers to the making of copies of pre-recorded musical works, performers’ performances and sound recordings onto a blank recording medium, such as CDs for personal use. An example of such legal copying would be using a blank CDR/CDRW to make, a second copy of a CD so you can have a copy to play in the car.
Because such copies are made privately, it would be impossible to track what is being copied. Therefore the calculation for receiving these royalties is based on information collected from both the sale of recorded music as well as radio airplay.

Money Available for Distribution
Private Copying Royalties
There are four collectives that receive revenue from the Private Copying Levy. They are:

The CPCC collects the levies determined by the Copyright Board. The revenue is earmarked for songwriters, music publishers, performers and record companies. The organizations that represent each group are:
  • Re-Sound – performers and “makers” (record companies)
  • SOCAN – songwriters and music publishers
  • SODRAC – (largely) French language music publishers and songwriters
  • CMRRA – (largely) English language music publishers
Re-Sound in turns distributes half the money it receives to the performer collectives (including MROC) and the other half to the maker collectives.
Performers who are also their own record label, and who write and publish the songs on those recordings can receive royalties in each of those capacities.
Payments are not made by CPCC directly but are routed through its four member collectives including Re-Sound. MROC is a sub-collective of Re-Sound.
While songwriters and music publishers are eligible regardless of nationality, only Canadian recording artists and record companies may receive payments under current law. The current distribution allocation as set down by the Copyright Board is:

  • Author/Publishers -58%
  • Makers- 18%
  • Performers – 23.8%
Additional information about the private copying levy can be found at:
Information about protecting this levy can be found at

About Us

The Musicians’ Rights Organization Canada (MROC) is a non-profit collective that collects and distributes royalties for performers. These royalties are payable under copyright legislation and reflect the rights of performers to be paid fairly for the broadcast and public performance of the recording(s) on which they performed. In Canada, these royalties cover a variety of broadcasts, including commercial radio, CBC radio, satellite radio and background music.
Until 1997, only songwriters received royalties when their songs were broadcast. Organizations like SOCAN are responsible for distributing these royalties to songwriters. Now, because of legislation that recognizes the contribution of performers in the creation of sound recordings, royalties are also payable to performers. MROC is responsible for distributing these royalties.
How it works — if you are a musician or vocalist who has performed as a featured or background performer on a sound recording, MROC may have royalties for you, if it has received radio airplay since 1998.
We at MROC are also committed to providing you with information and key links to music related organizations and events that will assist in the development of your career. Check out our Resources page for more details.

Liz "mz.Radio" "Lizz Radio" "Radio" Ferguson
CEO VP CFO Of Everything I Do Artistically

Monday, July 23, 2012

'Radio Flier - Tables Turned

Greetings Champion!

What "They Do"
When The Tables Turn
Isn't What "We Do"
When The Tables Turn

We Stomp The Yard

We Dance

We Innovate
We Create
We Motivate
We Build

We Write
We Song Write
We Ghost Write

We Rhyme
We Rap
We Recite

We Sing

We Dance

We Jam with Music Instruments
(With No Peanut Butter)

We Celebrate because
 "Our DJ's"
Spin Records with "Their Turn Tables!"
So We Turn Tables

What A Day When The Tables Will Turn ..........
What A Day When The Tables Will Turn

Radio Play Of the Day -
Foxy Brown - Tables Will Turn - Explicit

Radio Play Of The Day -
Foxy Brown - Oh Yeah/Tables Turn

1Luv To The Music!

Liz "mz.Radio" "Lizz Radio" "Radio" Ferguson
CEO VP CFO Of Everything I Do Artisically


Sunday, July 22, 2012

'Radio Play - mz.Radio - Friends

Greetings Champion
'Radio Play Of The Day - Liz 'mz.Radio' Ferguson - Friends

All Rights/Copyrights Reserved To The Writer And The Performer Only:
Liz 'mz.Radio' Ferguson

1Luv To The Music

Liz 'mz.Radio' Ferguson
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Saturday, July 21, 2012

'Radio Flier - Sky is The Limit

Greetings Champion

Sky Is The Limit 


But remember that there is still footprints on that moon!

Anything Is be continued
That is the Life of A Person Who "Over-Comes"
who can notably be known as a "Over-Coma"
The definition of Over-Coma is viewed below
courtesy of

1Luv To The Overcomas

'Radio Play Of The Day - Lil Wayne - Sky Is The Limit

The Definition Of Overcome Is
[oh-ver-kuhm] Show IPA verb, o·ver·came, o·ver·come, o·ver·com·ing.
verb (used with object)
to get the better of in a struggle or conflict; conquer; defeat: to overcome the enemy.
to prevail over (opposition, a debility, temptations, etc.); surmount: to overcome one's weaknesses.
to overpower or overwhelm in body or mind, as does liquor, a drug, exertion, or emotion: I was overcome with grief.
Archaic . to overspread or overrun.

Liz "mz.Radio" "Lizz Radio" "Radio" Ferguson
CEO VP CFO Of Everything I Do Artistically 

Sunday, July 15, 2012

'Radio Flier - Cool

 Greetings Champion 
A Signature Always Reveals A Man's Character
And Sometimes Even His Name
End Quote: Some Guy Who Made Millions 

Radio Play Of The Day - Cool - Snoop Dogg
(My Favourite Snoop Song Of All Time)

1Luv To The Music!

Liz "mz.Radio" "Lizz Radio" "Radio" Ferguson
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Saturday, July 14, 2012

'Radio Flier - Protect Our Skys

Dear Lord God Almighty

Guard and Guide Those Who Fly
Through The Great Spaces In The Sky,
That's For Everyone Who Flies,
Whether A:
"NASA Space Personal And Plane(s)/Space Shuttle(s)/Space Aircraft(s) "
"Air Force Personal And Planes"
"International Air Transport Association (IATA)
Personal And Commercial Carrier(s)"
"Private Jet Personal And Plane(s)"
My "Radio Flier" Fan(s) And Supporter(s)

'Radio Play Of The Day - Louise Armstrong - Saints Go Marching In


Liz "mz.Radio" "Lizz Radio" "Radio" Ferguson
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Thursday, July 12, 2012

'Radio Flier - The End


Greetings Champion

Read This and Thought of You:

What makes an Ending?
This is possibly the most difficult question
in the lieterary and dramatic arts. 
Endings are notoriously tough.
They bring pressure to be coherent,
To sum up,
Which Can Seem Unnatural or UnLife-Like.
And There is unresolved disagreement about whether to plan them at all - EndQuote

In Other Words:
There is A Time To Start
And A Time To End
A Time To Finish
And A Time To Begin

Now Check Your Watch to See What Time It Is!

'Radio Play Of The Day - Arrowsmith - Sweet Emotion

1Luv To The Music!

Liz "mz.Radio" "Lizz Radio" "Radio" Ferguson
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'Radio Flier - Champion VS Winner


Greetings Champion

There is A difference between
A Champion and A Winner

A Winner Is Victorious In A Moment in Time
A Champion Is Victorious All Throught Their Life

But Both Champion(S) And  Winner(S)
Are Ordinary People
With Extraordinary Hearts

Liz "mz.Radio" "Lizz Radio" "Radio" Ferguson
CEO VP CFO Of Everything I Do Artistically


Wednesday, July 11, 2012

'Radio Play - mz.Radio - R.I.P DEDICATION

Greetings Champion

'Radio Play Of The Day - Liz 'mz.Radio' Ferguson - R.I.P Dedication

All Rights/Copyrights Reserved To The Writer And The Performer Only
Liz 'mz.Radio' Ferguson

1Luv To The Music!

Liz "mz.Radio" "Lizz Radio" "Radio" Ferguson
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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

'Radio Play - mz.Radio - My Heart Sings - Extended Version

Greetings Champion

Everyone Has A Life but not Everybody Lives

'Radio Play Of The Day - Liz 'mz.Radio' Ferguson- My Heart Sing - Extended Version

All Rights/Copyrights Reserved To The Writer And Performer Only:
Liz 'mz.Radio' Ferguson

1Luv To The Music

Liz "mz.Radio" "Lizz Radio" "Radio" Ferguson
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Sunday, July 8, 2012

'Radio Play - mz.Radio - Brand New Always Frays

Greetings Champion

Radio Play Of The Day - Brand New Always Frays (All Star) - mz.Radio

All Rights/Copyrights Reserved To The Writer And The Performer Only:
Liz 'mz.Radio' Ferguson  

1Luv To The Music

Liz "mz.Radio" "Lizz Radio" "Radio" Ferguson
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