Sunday, September 30, 2012

'Radio Flier - End Of Season

Greetings Champion(s)

In The End,
We Will Remember Not
The Words Of Our Enemies
But The Silence Of Our Friends
End Quote: Martin Luther King Jr.

'Radio Play Of The Day -
Sublime - Same In The End


It's The Last Quarter of 2012
Last Lap, And As Your Grind Prosperous Grind
ENJOY, Stay Positive, Laugh, Smile AND
ReUnite With Good Wholesome Friends
In The Final Quarter:
October, November, And December 2012

Encore - Play Of The Day -
Green Day - Time Of Your Life - Good Ridannce

CEO VP CFO Of Everything I Do Artistically

Thursday, September 27, 2012

'Radio Flier - Forgiveness


Greetings Champion(s)
Some Folks
Will Build You Up
To Help Make You Fall
But They Won't Break Your Fall
But Instead They Will Try To Break Your Cause
If This Resonates With You Today
Then You Probably Know About
A Frauds Applause.
But What Do You Do When It Breaks Your Heart?
And How Do You Begin To Heal That Part?
See Where Do You Start?
When Do You Depart Surviving
Allowing Your Heart To Live?
And How Do You Break The Curse
So You Can Begin Honoring Your Gift?
When Do You Take That First Proactive Step
And Submit To A New Way Of Life?
How Do You Know That It's Time?
How Do You Know That It's Right?
In Life We Gotta
Be Strong
Be Relentless
Because Sometimes
Before We Can Move On
And Completly Heal From The Brockeness
We Need To Cast Aside Our Resistance
So We Can Encounter The
Power Of Forgiveness.
Now Forgiveness
As You Know
Is To Cease To Feel:
 Angry Or Resentful Towards Another
In Other Words:
Give Pardon
It Is Important Through The Trials And Tribulations
That Our Heart Does Not Harden
But Experience Peace
In That Season's Termination,
For If We Do Not Succeed
In That Area Of Reconciliation
Then Best Believe
That There Will Be
We've All Had Our Moments Of Atrocities With Our
Fr-Enemies Or Our Fam-Enemies That Have Birthed Animosity
That Have Ended In Lack Of Reconcilation,
And With This Lack Of Reconcilation
We Tend To Be Bound To
That Person,
Even The Hurtful Situation.
By An Emotional Link That Is Stronger Than Steel
In Order For Us To Heal
Is The Only Way To Dissolve That Link
To Be Set Free.
Knowing The Importance Of Forgiveness
Well That It Is The First Step
Now The Next Step Is The
Awarness And
"Where You At?"
In Forgiveness.
Do You Think It Is Possible
That In The Time Of Restoration From All The Obsticles
Even If You've Landed In The Hospital
That Our Minds Get
So Caught Up In
The Exploitation
Of Our Past
That It Diverts Us From The Relization
That Because Our Spirits Are Lead By The Gospel
That It Is Quite Possible
That We've Already Forgiven?
Now I Want You To Compare
Where You've Been
To Right Now And
How You Are Living?
What I'm Trying To Say
And I'm Not Trying To
Down Play
We All Have A Story
I Have A Story
You Have A Story
Ray Ray Has A Story
See We All Have A Story.
And Our Story Is Our Testimony
And Our Testimony Is Our Song
And Frequently
We Become So Head Strong
On How We've Been Done Wrong
That We Have The Tendency
Mentally Never Moving On
We Never Heal Suffitiantly
But Instead
We Have These Questions That Repetedly
Keep Going On In Our Minds Asking
How Come?
Who in the Hell?
Why in the Hell?
Or My Favourite
How Long
How Long??????
Like We Are King David
Writing Our Own Book Of Psalms.
When Really
The Battles Been Won
Physically We've Pressed On
In Our Path Of Victory
As We've Been Walking In Our Decisions
That Have Helped Us Reposition
Our lives.
So There Is Really No Need To Fight
To Say
I Forgive You
I Forgive Some-One
I Forgive Everything Else
That Has Happened In Your Life
But Most Importantly
I Forgive Myself.
Some Of You May Think This Is Retarded
That's Cool
Because I Speak Today
To The Once Brocken Hearted
In Results Of
Or Mishandlement
Of Sexual/Physical Abuse, Rejection, Racism,Betrayl
Words Spocken
And Mistakes That Were Made That Were So Potent
That Created Our Entanglement
Unfairness In Our Lives
Are You Aware
That You Helped Repaire Your Brocken Heart
By Proceeding On With Your Life
You Probably Already:
*Began New Relationships
*Strengthened Old Relationships
*Focused On Your Gifts
And By The Way They Are
Great Positive Outlets
*Began To Understand The Real Meaning Of Acceptance
*Making Decisions Not Based Upon Your Past Negligence
Or In All Humility
Based Upon Our Based Negligence
* You've Become Enlightened Of Your Worth
As You *Retain Only Positive Substance*
Now Your Pledge To Love Yourself
Is One That Is Beyond Your Control
Because You Will Show
That You Have All The Above Pre-Requisites
I Know I Only Named A Few
But I Almost Forgot One:
That You've Loved...
You Love
And You Loved Even More.
In The Awareness Of
Where You At? In Forgiveness
You Need To Know
So You Can Take That Next Step:
Letting Go
It Is Said That You Can Not
Shake Hands With A Clench Fist
Now Being That I'm Smart
I Tried And It Is Actually Hard
But Please Take Note
Our Hearts Will Claim This Role
In Response To All The Wear And Tear
That We've Overcame
On Our Life's Bumpy Road,
So In The Process Of
Letting Go With Forgiveness
As You Open Up Your Clenched Fist
Or Your Heart
And Realize You Don't Need To Be In Control
Your Eyes Will Be Surprised
As Your Mouth Declares The Known
That There Really
Is Nothing There
So I Ask You
What Where You Holding On To While It Was Closed?
Which Will Then Appear To Show
The Stereotypical
Resided There
Now With The Release Of
We Are Able To
Recieve And Trust In It's Reciprocal
Which We All Know
Now Love Lightens Us
We No Longer
Become Distracted
But Focus On Change That Takes Place
Where Our Old Habits
Cause By All The Pain And Anguish
Become Relinquished and Replaced
By Our
New Habits Of Love
Some Random Ass Person Once Told Me:
Love Is The Healing Language
There You Have It,
The Power Of Forgiveness
From the
Importance, Awareness And Letting Go

So You Can Partake In It's Fullness
Allowing Your
Heart's Attitude To Determine It's Altitude
But I Come To You Today To Challenge You
What are You Still Holding on To?
The End:
Forgiveness Written Spring 2009 For:
A Public Speaking Course
Written By:
Liz "mz.Radio" Ferguson
All Rights/Copyrights Reserved To
The Writer/Performer/Public Speaker ONLY:
Liz "mz.Radio" Ferguson
1Luv To The Music/Musicians/All Artists/Writers/Designers

'Radio Play Of The Day - Dunn - Ronnie Bleed Red
Liz "mz.Radio" Ferguson
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Liz "mz.Radio" Ferguson

Monday, September 24, 2012

'Radio Flier - Stop

Greetings Champion

Truth Is The Ultimate Power.
When The Truth Comes Around,
All  The Lies Have To Run And Hide.

- End Quote O'Shea "ICE CUBE" Jackson

'Radio Play Of The Day - Buffalo Springfield -
 Stop Children Whats That Sound


Liz "mz.Radio" Ferguson
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Sunday, September 23, 2012

'Radio Flier - What Does Radio Flier Mean?

Greetings Champion

We Are All God's Children
When You Believe In Something It Is Always Imperitive
You Know The Meaning Behind The Name

Today Is The Right Day:
To Show The Meaning In The Name
'Radio Flier

mz.Radio is A Radio:
Then Think Name "Affiliation"
How Many Compound Words Have The Word Radio As The Suffix Word.

'Radio City: Radio City Is A Concert Hall In New York City

'Radio Shack Is A Place Where Everyone In North America
Buys Electronics, VCRS, TVS, DVD'S, Computers, Laptops,
Oh And Ofcourse My Favourite: Radio's.

The 'Radio Flier Has Been Consistently Ongoing Since: July 28th 2006
mz.Radio's 'Radio Flier - Name
Was Originally Influenced By The Childrens Wagon
Called The Radio Flyer.

Radio Flyer Is An American Toy Company Best Known For Their Popular Red Toy Wagon.
Radio Flyer Also Produces Scooters, Tricycles, Bicycles, Horses, And Rides-Ons.
The company was founded in 1917 by Antonio Pasin and is based in Chicago Illinois.
In 1930, the company was renamed Radio Steel & Manufacturing. During World War II
Steel was essential War Material from 1942–1945, The Company shifted production to portable five gallon Blitz Cans for the US Army.

The Radio Flyer wagons were named for Pasin's fascination with Radio and with Flight
(MZ Radio Is Used On Airplanes As Shown Above)

With My Radio Flier Title I Did Take From That
But Also Incorperated The Definitions Of "Flier"
Please See Below:

Flier: A Flier Is Used In Promotions, To "Promote" An
Event, Cause, Business/Company, Fundraisers,
Or Anything To Do With Performing Arts.
(Music,Art,Broadway Musicals etc etc)
Think Of Giant Bill Boards In Your Hands That You Can Recycle.
Anyone In The Arts/Entertainment/Coporate (Business)
World Know It To Be Another Alternative
Of Marketing: I.E. Networking, Social Media, etc, etc
Hence The Term:
"Passing Out Fliers"

Another Definition
Flier: A Aviator, A Pilot Or A Airplane Passenger
Especially One Who Travels Regularly By Air
Working In The Tourism Industry I Believe This Definition
Was Relevent.
 Now In A mz.Radio Life Equation
When You Add 'Radio and You Plus It With
These Above Definitions Will Equal Into:
The Radio Flier.

mz.Radio + Flier = 'Radio Flier

Just Like: Antonio Pasin, Liz Ferguson Too Loves The Kids!

'Radio Play Of The Day - Mary J Blige And U2 - ONE

God Bless

Liz "mz.Radio" Ferguson
CEO VP CFO Of Everything I Do Artistically



Thursday, September 20, 2012

'Radio Flier - 2nd Chance

Greetings Champion
There Were Some Days Where People Said:
I Wouldn't Amount To Nothing,
I Would Never Be "GodSpeed" (Successful) As "mz.Radio"
And I Deserve Everything I Get
For Believing In Something
Other Than Them.
But I Couldn't Listen To Them
Because I Was Too Busy Listening
To The Genetics That Are Inside Me:
You See: They Said The Same Thing About My Biological Mother
On My Canadian Government Adoption Papers,
In The Paper Work It Is Written:
She Was Dillusional In Her Talent, Her Dancing, Her Beauty, Her Passion And Her Art - End Quote
My Biological Mother Was:
A Professionally Trained Dancer (Prima Ballerina), Played Piano, Poet And A Model.
She Was Multi-Talented
In Conclusion:
Just Like My Father
I Too Am:
My Mothers Daughter.

Everyday I Walk This Beautiful Gigantic Spheare That God Calls Earth:
And Everyday I Know That I Am Honouring My Mother's Legacy,
One Way Or Another
Some Call It A Legacy

Other's Call It A 2nd Chance:

I believe in 2nd Chances So Should You:

Here's A Quote For YOU Champ:

We All Have Big Changes In Our Lives
That Are More Or Less
 A Second Chance.
- End Quote Harrison Ford

Take The Leap And See Where It Will Guide You
One Step Closer To Honouring Your Legacy

Radio Play Of The Day - Soul To Squeeze - Red Hot Chilli Peppers
1Luv To 2nd Chances!
Liz "mz.Radio' Ferguson


Tuesday, September 18, 2012

'Radio Flier - Wisdom VS Knowledge

Greetings Champion(s)
What Defines A Real Man:
His Capabilities?
Or His Possiblities?
I believe
It's Choice
And How You Implement Them:
EndQuote - mz.Radio taken from her poetic set:
Impatient Nubian

Knowledge Is External
Knowledge Can Be Taught
By A Teacher In Classroom Or A/And Book

Wisdom Is Internal
Wisdom Can Not Be Taught
It Comes From Deep Within Also known as a:
Divine Source Also Known As:
Using Your Brain (Thinking For Yourself)

Knowledge Acts On Impulse
Wisdom Acts On Intuition

Knowledge Creates Competition and Division
Wisdom Unifies

Knowledge Seduces
Wisdom Is Truthful

Knowledge Thrives On Lust
Wisdom Thrives On Love

Knowledge Is Based On Laws
Wisdom Is Based On Faith

Knowledge Exceeds All Expectation They Call Him/Her: "Smart"
Wisdom Exceeds All Expectation They Call Him/Her: "Wise"

Knowledge Can Be Bought
Wisdom Is Free - even if we call it "Common Sense"

Knowledge is Braggadocous
Wisdom Is Courteous

Knowledge Is Defined By Post-Secondary Academic/Scholastic Achievements
Wisdom Isn't Defined By Post-Secondary Academice/Scholastic Achievements

Knowledge Is Book Smarts
Wisdom Is Street Smarts

Knowledge Doesn't Know Wisdom
But Is Aware That Wisdom Exists

Wisdom Knows Knowledge And Acknowledges Its Existence
(Pun Intended)

Knoweldge Forgets Wisdom (Daily)
But Wisdom Never Forgets Knowledge

All Rights/Copyrights Reserved To The Writer
And Speaker Only: Liz 'mz.Radio' Ferguson

'Radio Play Of The Day - Pachelbel's Canon in D (Minor)

1Luv To The Wise
Liz "mz.Radio" Ferguson
CEO VP CFO Of Everything I Do Artistically

'Radio Flier - I LOVE MUSIC

Greetings Champion(s)

I Love Music.

This Is The Best Quote To Describe Me:

I Was Born with Music Inside Me.
Music Was One Of My Parts. 
Like My Ribs, My Kidneys, My Liver, My Heart.
Like My Blood.
It Was A Force  Already Within Me When I Arrived On The Scene.
It Was A Necessity For Me-Like  Food Or Water.

- End Quote - Ray Charles

'Radio Play Of The Day - Seattle's Choklate - Dedicated To The Music!

1Luv To The NorthWest AND THE MUSIC!

Liz "mz.Radio" Ferguson
CEO VP CFO Of Everything I Do Artistically

Friday, September 14, 2012

'Radio Flier - 1Luv

Greetings Champion
A Woman's Highest Calling Is To Lead
A Man
To His Soul So As
To Unite Him With Source
A Man's Highest Calling Is To Protect
A Woman
So She Is Free To Walk
The Earth Unharmed.
- Cherokee Proverb -
'Radio Play Of The Day - 2Pac Keep Your Head Up
Liz "mz.Radio"  Ferguson
CEO VP CFO Of Everything I Do Artistically

Thursday, September 13, 2012

'Radio Flier - R.I.P Tupac Shakur: Rose From Concrete

Rose From Concrete Painting and Photograph By My Dad:
William "Danny" Ferguson
Greetings Champion

Did You Hear About
The Rose That Grew From A Crack
In The Concrete
Proving Natures Law Is Wrong
It Learned To Walk Without Feet
Funny It Seems
But By Keeping Its Dreams
It Learned To Breath Fresh Air
Long Live The Rose From Concrete

-Written By Hip Hop's Poetic King: Tupac Shakur-
Taken From Tupac Shakur's Book Of Poetry
"Rose From Concrete"
Today Is The Death Of One Of Hip Hop's Royalty
Tupac Shakur Died September 13, 1996
16 Years Ago
At The Begining Of A School Year For Some:
Myself Included: (I was in High School/Grade 10)
Maybe That's Why Today
His Poetry Is Being Tought In Schools
Across America.
-Pun Intended-
'Radio Play Of The Day - Tupac Shakur - Life Goes On
1Luv To The Roses That Grow From Concrete On A Regular Basis

I've Been Through So Much:
In Days Where I Wanna Give Up:
I Remember Those Who Ain't Here:
(That I Am Aware Of)
And There Is A Responsibilty Where I
Have To Commemorate And LIVE
For Those: Who Passed Away
Before Their Time: 
From Suicide, Homicide,
To God Calling Them Home:
R.I.P To:
Jim "Jimmy" Ferguson - Whales - R.I.P - 2008  - Suicide
 (My 1st Cousin - From: Vernon,Enderby, Kelowna B.C. Canada) 
Anjelica "Jeli" OrrellR.I.P 1999 - Grad 99 Classmate - Car Accident (Trail B.C. Canada )
William "Will"  Exner - R.I.P 2005- Went Missing, Found Dead In Vancouver
Open Homicide Investigation With Vancouver Police Department
 Grad 99 (Rossland B.C. Canada  - Sister City Of Trail B.C.)
Nolan And Travis R.I.P 1997 - Died Motorcycle/Car Accident-  Grad 98 (Trail B.C. Canada)
Danica Dunlop R.I.P 1985 -First Friend, Died In A Plane Crash At The Age: 4 (Trail B.C. Canada )
Heath Duclos R.I.P 2011 - Freak Accident 2011 (Trail B.C. Canada- Neighbour - Casino, Trail B.C. Canada)
Leah Elkink R.I.P 1997 - Suicide  (Rossland B.C. Canada - Sister City Of Trail B.C. Canada )
Arron Messer R.I.P 1992 - Grad 92 - Died Motorcycle/Car Accident - My Brother's Classmate (Trail B.C.)
Randy Ponzio R.I.P 2011 - Murdered - Open Homicide Investigation With
Vancouver Police Department  (Fellow Musician - DNA 6 - Houston Texas U.S.A)
Trumaine "Diddy" Habib R.I.P 2005- Murdered With A Shot Gun- Open Homicide Investigation With
Vancouver Police Department - (From: Surrey/Vancouver B.C. Canada)

May Your Legacy's All Live On - Love Liz
Encore: 2Pac - Only God Can Judge Me Now

Liz "mz.Radio" Ferguson
CEO VP CFO Of Everything I Do Artistically

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

'Radio Flier - I Pity The Fool

Greetings Champion

Gotta Couple Quotes
From The Movie A-Team That Will
Cheer You Up:

Quotes Like
"I Pity The Fool" - End Quote B.A. Baracus

Or My Favourite:

Give Me A Minute
I'm Good
Give Me An Hour
I'm Great
Give Me 6 Months
And I'm Unstopable

End Quote: Hannible In The A-Team

#Reel Radio (2 More Movie Pics)

Contraband With Mark Walberg, Giovanni Ribisi, Kate Beckinsale
(Duct Tape Fixes Everything Look At The Movie Cover If You Don't Believe Me)

And Last But Not Least:

The LOSERS - Cast: Jeffery Dean Morgan, Zoe Saldana, Columbus Short, Jason Patric, Chris Evans, Oscar Jaenada

These Are My Top 3 For This Season:

  • Contraband
  • The A-Team
  • The Loosers!

I Love It When A Plan Comes Together! - EndQuote - Face - The A Team



Liz "mz.Radio" Ferguson
CEO VP CFO Of Everything I Do Artistically

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

'Radio Flier - Tenant List Of World Trade Center

Greetings Champion(s)
Never Forget, The Truth Always Comes Out
And When It Does Know:
The Truth Sets Us Free

Today Is September 11 2012
Also Known As 9/11
They Say Generation X Doesn't Care About Anything Except Themselves.
This Is An Illusion,
A Diversion That
Nullifys Today.
They Say A Lot Of Things About Us When Some Have Absolutey No Conscious Of The Baton That They Are Passing To Our Generation.
September 11, 2011 Was One A Terrorist Attack, That Was One Of The Most Sadistic Events That Has Ever Occured In
North American History.
I Remember Where I Was On That Specific Time And Day On September 11 2001:
I Just Returned Home From Living 2 Years In Madrid Spain,
I Was In My Parents Living Room
And A Week Earlier Had Just Paid My Tuition For Vancouver Community College Travel Agent Access Endorsed Level II Program.
(Tourism Industry - Fast Forward To July 2002 First Time Around And I Graduated From Vancouver Community College Travel Agent Access Endorsed Level II a 3.25 GPA - A 3Year Tourism Program Condensed Into 8 Months)
Rewind Back To
September 11, 2001
And I was thinking:
What Have They Done?
This Is One Of The Most Surrealist, and Tragic Events In North America History?
Did I Know Anybody Who Past Away?
Should I Maybe One Day Work For The Port Authority On The Western Sea Board 
(Vancouver Just Like New York Is A Port City)
Just Like How Vancouver Is One Of The Largest Port Cities In The Western Sea Board
New York Is One Of The Largest Ports In The Eastern Sea Board
The Tourism Industry, Port Authority,Customs, Immigration, National Security Go Hand In Hand.
In Canada They Are All Under The "Ministry Of Defence"
This Is What Went Through My Head
What Went Through Yours?
Where Were You?
Now A Days: I Hear Non-North Americans Who Reside On North American Soil Who Cheer About A Tradgey That Effected
North Americans: Mexico, United States, and Canada and it is a Disgrace and An Insult  For Those Who Sit Back and Watch Ours Entertain It.
They Use Our Generation X As A Scape Goat In Promoting A Conspiracy Of The World Trade Center Because They Know It Is A Conspiracy We Would Entertain.
It Was Called The World Trade Centers For A Reason.
Because It Was One Of The Head Quarters Of International Business, Finance, Security, , TeleCommunication/Broadcasting, Transportation, And Governments For The World.
Hence The Name "World Trade Centers"
Ignorance Is Not Bliss. Ignorance Is Ignorance Especially When We As Global Community Have Been MisInformed.
No Matter Where You Are Situated On This Planet Everyone Today Should Take A Moment Of Silence For The Lives That Were Lost In The Terrorist Attack
Deaths 2,999 and 6,000
Because They Are/Were Gate Keepers Of North American Soil.
And Please Also Have A Moment Of Silence
For What The Gate Keepers Were Gate Keeping Of The International Business That Were
For Those Of You That Think The World Trade Center Is Of No Relevence To You And The Industry That You Currently Work In
Please Know:
You Are Sadly Mistaken
Please Proceed To Scroll Down The Rest Of The Page To Become Aware of All
The International Businesses That Also Fell On That Day
(Including Canada)
When You Get To The Bottom I Advise You All To Have A
Moment Of Silence And You Will Then
Find Your "Radio Play Of The Day"
I Copied Pasted From CNN Website

As Taken From CNN
Building: 1 World Trade Center - North Tower

TenantSF LeasedIndustryFloor
Alan AnthonyN/ABusiness Services
Royal Thai Embassy OfficeN/AGovernment
NY Coffee StationN/A
Tes USA, Inc.400Financial Institutions
Ann Taylor Loft7,200CNCR
Delta Airlines400TransportationLBBY
Olympia Airport ExpressN/ALBBY
Port Authority of New York & New Jersey22,411Government3,14,19,24,28,31
Geiger & Geiger1,588Law Firms4,25,78
Gayer, Shyu & Wiesel800Accountants5
Thai Farmers Bank4,512Financial Institutions7
Amerson Group Co., Inc.N/APersonal Services8
Bank of America132,586Financial Institutions9-11,81
Porcella Vicini & Co.2,200Transportation11
Primarch Decision Economics4,954Business Services11
Instinet, Inc.65,844Financial Institutions13,14
Dun & Bradstreet, Inc.22,750Personal Services14
Landmark Education Corporation44,407Personal Services15
Zim-American Israeli Shipping Co.10,000Transportation17
Empire Health Choice461,000Insurance17,19,20,23,24,27-31
Tower Computer Service585Retailers/Wholesalers21,29
United Seamen's Service AMMLA2,400Personal Services21
United Hercules Inc.10,000Transportation21
Avesta Computer Services, Ltd.1,464Computers/Data Processing21
Continental Logistics, Inc.734Personal Services21
Dongwon Securities Co. Ltd.1,171Financial Institutions21
Dr. Tadasu Tokumaru, M.D.520Medical21
Friends Villas Fischer TrustN/AFinancial Institutions21
Friends Ivory & Sime, Inc.13,262Financial Institutions21
Law Offices of Roman V. Popik586Law Firms21
Lief International USA3,100Manufacturing21
Unicom Capital Advisors LLP5,483Financial Institutions22,84
Chicago Options Exchange Corp.3,608Financial Institutions22
Cheng Xiang Trading USA Inc.1,900Computers/Data Processing22
G.C. Services2,561Financial Institutions22
Gold Sky Inc.421Manufacturing22
Kaiser Overseas Inc.265Manufacturing22
Karoon Capital Management991Financial Institutions22
MLU Investment1,17522
P. Wolfe Consultants2,165Business Services22
The SCPIE Companies2,58222
Tai Fook Securities1,500Financial Institutions22
R.H. Wrightson & Associates, Inc.N/AFinancial Institutions25
Garban-Intercapital60,548Financial Institutions25,26
China Patent & Trademark USA400Law Firms29
World Travel25,000Transportation29
Banco LatinoAmericano de3,000Financial Institutions32
Chang HWA Commercial Bank12,182Financial Institutions32
Rohde & Liesenfeld, Inc.5,000Transportation32
Berel & Mullen2,786Law Firms33
China Daily Distribution Corp.800Personal Services33
Data Transmission Network Corp.34233
Golden King (USA) Limited190Transportation33
Hu Tong International (USA) Co., Ltd.583Retailers/Wholesalers33
Koudis International Inc.600Transportation33
MANAA Trading Group, Inc.1,013Financial Institutions33
MIS Service Co.2,00033
Rachel & Associates, Inc.814Manufacturing33
Serko & Simon8,605Law Firms33
Anne Pope, Law Offices ofN/ALaw Firms35
Kemper Insurance Companies92,232Insurance35,36
Commodity Futures Trading Commission35,000Financial Institutions37
Government of Thailand5,10937
Lehman Brothers45,10038-40
Regional Alliance Small1,692Business Services38
Turner Construction Company1,000Agri/Mining/Utilities38
The Cultural Institutions Retirement Systems5,416Financial Institutions39
Overseas Union Bank, Ltd.3,750Financial Institutions39
Xcel Federal Credit Union4,200Financial Institutions39
Mechanical FloorN/A41-43
N.Y. Society of Security3,000Government44
American Lota International626Transportation45
China Construction America, Inc.2,000Business Services45
The Company Store800Retailers/Wholesalers45
Dunavant Commodity Corp1,437Financial Institutions45
Employee Merit763Business Services45
Fertitta Enterprises60045
M.A. Katz, CPA400Accountants45
Pure Energy Corp.5,935Retailers/Wholesalers45,53
Sassoons Inc.1,00045
Security Traders Association, Inc.1,520Personal Services45
Streamline Capital, LLC2,02445
ASTDC, Inc.3,760Personal Services46
Auto Imperial Co.374Retailers/Wholesalers46
Blue Sky Technologies, Inc.350Computers/Data Processing46
Can-Achieve392Business Services46
Consolidated Steelex Corp.2,277Manufacturing46
Dahao USA CorpN/ARetailers/Wholesalers46
J & X Tans International338Transportation46
Kanebo Information Systems Corp.800Computers/Data Processing46
Meganet Management Consultants, Inc.600Computers/Data Processing46
Prospect International, Inc.96646
Sinopec USA, Inc.4,584Retailers/Wholesalers46
Suggested Open Systems, Inc.600Computers/Data Processing46
Suntendy America, Inc.1,000Retailers/Wholesalers46
T&T Enterprises International, Inc.1,006Financial Institutions46
Yong Ren America, Inc.39446
G. Z. Stephens, Inc.1,200Business Services47
NFA/GGG, Inc.2,05347
American TCC Int'l Group, Inc.5,736Financial Institutions47,90
Pacific American Co.4,753Retailers/Wholesalers47
Quint Amasis, L.L.C.1,000Personal Services47
W.J. Export-Import, Inc.800Retailers/Wholesalers47
Dai-Ichi Kangyo Trust Co.100,000Financial Institutions48-50
AT&T Corporation11,612Communications51
C & P PressN/APersonal Services51
TradeWebN/AOnline trading51
The Williams Capital Group57852
Bramax Manufacturing (USA) Corp.800Retailers/Wholesalers52
Gayer Shyu & WieselN/AFinancial Institutions52
Hill Betts & Nash, LLP21,609Law Firms52
Temenos USA, Inc.6,000Retailers/Wholesalers52,84
Howly (US) Corporation1,15052
Leeds & Morrelli1,617Law Firms52
Okasan International (American) Inc.2,250Financial Institutions52
RGL Gallagher PC984Accountants52
Richard A. Zimmerman, Esq.1,150Law Firms52
A I G Aviation Brokerage, Inc.2,500Insurance53
Bank of Taiwan7,500Financial Institutions53
China Resource Products USA Ltd.N/A53
Keenan Powers & Andrews4,500Law Firms53
LoCurto & Funk, Inc.N/AFinancial Institutions53
Natural Nydegger Transport Corp.3,500Transportation53
Pacrim Trading & Shipping, Inc.1,200Transportation53
Brown & Wood, L.L.P.223,100Law Firms54,56-59
Pace University45,943Personal Services55
World Trade InstituteN/A55
Asahi Bank, Ltd.40,000Financial Institutions60
Airport Access ProgramN/AFinancial Institutions63
Hal Roth Agency, Inc.2,250Insurance77
Jun He Law Office, LLC894Law Firms77
Martin Progressive LLC13,789Computers/Data Processing77
New-ey International Corp.894Personal Services77
Partner Reinsurance Corp.N/AInsurance77
World Trade Centers Association5,400Personal Services77
Avenir, Inc.2,162Computers/Data Processing78
Baltic Oil Corporation98178
Cedar Capital Management Associates90978
Cheng Cheng Enterprises Holding Inc.4,073Retailers/Wholesalers78
Hyundai Securities Co., Ltd.1,600Financial Institutions78
International Trade Center, Inc.3,298Business Services78
Korea Local Authorities1,000Government78
Meridian Ventures Holding, Inc.3,31578
Phink Path1,214Business Services78
Traders Access Center1,027Financial Institutions78
Daynard & Van Thunen Co.4,750Insurance79
First Liberty Investment Group1,000Financial Institutions79
International Office Centers26,367Personal Services79
Nikko Securities9,340Financial Institutions79
Okato Shoji Company, Ltd.2,729Computers/Data Processing79
Securant Technologies2,729Computers/Data Processing79
Agricor Commodities Corp.3,200Financial Institutions80
The Beast.Comm21,000Computers/Data Processing80
Intrust Investment Realty, Inc.3,32080
Noga Commodities Overseas, Inc.6,518Financial Institutions80
RLI Insurance Company3,900Insurance80
Shizuoka Bank Ltd.2,200Financial Institutions80
New Continental Enterprises2,055Transportation81
Network Plus8,500Communications81
NY Metro Transportation Council7,000Government82
General Telecommunications8,99483
Global Crossings Holdings Ltd.N/AComputers/Data Processing83
Lava Trading, LLC7,58983
Taipei Bank12,111Financial Institutions83
eMeritus Communications7,203Communications83
Bright China Capital, Ltd.2,016Financial Institutions84
David Peterson1,863Law Firms84
LG Securities America, Inc.1,800Financial Institutions84
San-In Godo Bank Ltd.2,000Financial Institutions84
Daehan International1,200Financial Institutions84,89
SMW Trading Corp.3,000Financial Institutions85
Thermo Electron2,28985
Julien J. Studley, Inc.6,372Real Estate86
May Davis Group12,824Financial Institutions87
Barcley Dwyer12,21189
Broad USA, Inc.N/ARetailers/Wholesalers89
CIIC Group (USA), Ltd.2,500Financial Institutions89
Drinker Biddle & Reath10,000Law Firms89
Metropolitan Life Insurance Co.7,119Insurance89
Mutual International Forwarding1,200Transportation89
Strategic Communications, Inc.2,400Communications89
Wai Gao Qiao USA, Inc.1,528Business Services89
Wall Street Planning Association2,15489
The Chugoku Bank, Ltd.1,500Financial Institutions90
American Bureau of Shipping8,400Engineers91
Fred Alger Management36,078Investments93
Marsh USA361,000Insurance93-100
Kidder Peabody & Co.N/A101
Cantor Fitzgerald Securities22,000Investments101-105
The Nishi-Nippon Bank, Ltd.10,325Banks/Financial Institutions102
Channel 4 (NBC)400Cable/Television104
Windows on the World40,000106
Greatest Bar on Earth13,333107
World Trade Club13,333107
Channel 5 (WNYW)200Cable/Television110
Channel 31 (WBIS)1,400Cable/Television110
Channel 47 (WNJU)800Cable/Television110
Channel 2 (WCBS)400Cable/Television110
Channel 11 (WPIX)

Building: 2 World Trade Center - South Tower

Tenant SF Leased Industry Floor
Continental Insurance Company 40,000
Xerox Document Company 5,400 Manufacturing BSMT
Johnston & Murphy N/A CNCR
Nichols Foundation, Inc. 1,000 Government GRND
Verizon Communications 155,490 Communications LL,9-12
Colortek Kodak Imaging Center 731 Personal Services 1
EuroBrokers, Inc. 32,104 Financial Institutions 12
Union Bank of California 25,146 Financial Institutions 14
Patinka International (USA) Inc. N/A Personal Services 14
Charna Chemicals, Inc. N/A Manufacturing 14
Paging Network of New York 19,203 Communications 14
Mancini Duffy 28,091 Engineers/Architects 15,22
Candia Shipping 1,600 Retailers/Wholesalers 15
John W. Loofbourrow Associates, Inc. 1,807 Financial Institutions 15
John J. McMullen Associates, Inc. 15,000 Engineers/Architects 15
Orient International N/A 15
James T. Ratner, Law Office of N/A Law Firms 15
National Development & Research Institute 44,325 Personal Services 16
N.Y. Institute of Finance 24,539 Business Services 17
Showtime Pictures 5,470 Business Services 18,107
Professional Assistance & Consulting 1,163 Business Services 18
Intera Group Inc. 1,180 Business Services 18
Alliance Consulting N/A Business Services 18
Pines Investment, Inc. N/A 18
Caserta & Company N/A 18
Law Offices of Abad, Castilla, and Mallonga N/A Law Firms 18
Weiland International 1,000 Financial Institutions 18
Chen, Lin, Li, & Jiang, LLP 1,994 Financial Institutions 18
Waterfront Commission of New York Harbor 2,000 Government 19
N.Y. Shipping Association 80,000 Transportation 19,20
Thacher, Proffitt & Wood 120,000 Law Firms 20,38-40
Career Engine 7,183 Personal Services 21
Adecco SA 2,000 Business Services 21
Charoen Pokphand USA, Inc. 2,000 Transportation 21
Sinochem American Holdings, Inc. N/A Financial Institutions 22
Washington Mutual, Inc. 1,117 22
Antal International, Inc. 2,086 Business Services 22
SCOR U.S. Corporation 59,000 Insurance 23,24
Unistrat Corporation of America 10,000 Business Services 23
Allstate Insurance Company N/A Insurance 24
TD Waterhouse Group, Inc. 18,591 Financial Institutions 24
China Chamber of Commerce, Inc. N/A Personal Services 24
Globe Tour & Travel N/A Transportation 24
Sinolion (USA) 694 24
December First Productions, LLC 821 24
Sun Microsystems, Inc. 89,162 Computers/Data Processing 25,26
New York Stock Exchange, Inc. 10,853 28-30
Big A Travel Agency N/A Transportation 28
Law Office of Joseph Bellard 3,400 Law Firms 28
Hua Nan Commercial Bank Ltd. 12,500 Financial Institutions 28
Weatherly Securities Corp. 18,801 Financial Institutions 29
Hartford Steam Boiler 1,600 Insurance 30
Oppenheimer Funds, Inc. 231,000 Financial Institutions 31,32
Commerzbank Capital Markets 45,540 Financial Institutions 32
ABN-AMRO, Inc. 40,000 Financial Institutions 35
Frenkel & Company, Inc. 59,670 Insurance 35,36
Sitailong International USA, Inc. N/A 40
Morgan Stanley 840,000 Financial Institutions 43-46,56,59-74
Guy Carpenter 320,000 Insurance 47-54
Seabury & Smith 40,000 Insurance 49
Garban Intercapital N/A 55
Dow Jones & Company, Inc. 72,133 Communications 57,58
First Commercial Bank 4,500 Financial Institutions 78
Fuji Bank 182,956 Financial Institutions 79-82 N/A 84
Harris Beach & Wilcox, LLP 48,800 Law Firms 85
Keefe, Bruyette & Woods 97,600 Financial Institutions 85,88,89
NY State Department of Taxation & Finance 73,982 Government 86,87
Corporation Service Company 22,916 87
Fiduciary Trust Company Intl. 245,156 Financial Institutions 90,94-97
Gibbs & Hill Engineers 91
Washington Group Intl. Engineering 91
Raytheon Company 48,800 Manufacturing 91
AON Corporation 219,133 Insurance 92,99,100
Regus Business Centres 49,028 Employment Agencies 93
Sandler O'Neil & Partners 30,000 Investments 104
Atlantic Bank of New York 50,061 Banks/Financial Institutions 106

Building: 4 World Trade Center - Commodities Exchange Center
Tenant Square Feet Leased Floor Industry
Deutsche Bank 273,991 4,5,6 Financial Institutions
New York Board of Trade 125,000 7,8,9 Government
Overseas-Chinese Banking Corp. 6,516 7 Financial Institutions
Green Coffee Association 7,500 5 Personal Services
Gelderman, Inc. 4,000 7 Personal Services
Tony May's Gemelli Restaurant & Bar 10,000 GRND Retailers/Wholesalers

Building: 5 World Trade Center - Northeast Plaza
Tenant Square Feet Leased Floor Industry
JP Morgan Chase & Co. N/A 1 Financial Institutions
FedEx Corporation N/A 1 Transportation
The Charles Schwab Corporation N/A CNCR Financial Institutions
Morgan Stanley 325,200 4,5,6 Financial Institutions
Credit Suisse First Boston 179,244 7,8,9 Financial Institutions
US Airways 400 Transportation
Sam Goody 4,000 CNCR Retailers/Wholesalers
American Airlines N/A CNCR,PLAZ Transportation
Lower Manhattan Cultural Council 4,467 9 Personal Services
Howard Publications, Inc. 1,180 9 Manufacturing
Council of State Governments N/A 9 Government
Children's Discovery Center N/A PLAZ Personal Services
Affiliated Physicians of St. Vincent 6,250 3 Medical
NYS Court of Claims 24,909 8 Government
World Trade Center Dental Group 4,500 3 Medical
DHL Courier Services N/A 1
Perfumeria Milano 1,200 CNCR Retailers/Wholesalers
American Shipper Magazine N/A 9 Manufacturing
Express Mail N/A Government
Our Planet Mgmt. Institute, Ltd. 5,500 9 Personal Services
Hunan Resources & Tech. Institute N/A 9
Hon. Christopher J. Mega N/A 8
Daniel Pehr, Inc. 1,000 LBBY Personal Services
Borders Books & Music N/A PLAZ Retailers/Wholesalers
Continental Forwarding N/A 8 Transportation
Building: 6 World Trade Center - U.S. Customs House
Tenant Square Feet Leased Floor Industry
U.S. Department of Commerce 4,500 6 Government
BATF (Alcohol Tobacco & Firearms) 1,200 2,6 Government
U.S. Department of Agriculture - AAPHIS N/A 2 Government
U.S. Department of Labor 10,200 6 Government
Export-Import Bank of the U.S. N/A 6 Financial Institutions
Eastco Building Services N/A
Building: 7 World Trade Center
Tenant Square Feet Leased Floor Industry
Salomon Smith Barney 1,202,900 GRND,1-6,13,18-46 Financial Institutions
Internal Revenue Service Regional Council 90,430 24,25 Government
U.S. Secret Service 85,343 9,10 Government
American Express Bank International 106,117 7,8,13 Financial Institutions
Standard Chartered Bank 111,398 10,13,26,27 Financial Institutions
Provident Financial Management 9,000 7,13 Financial Institutions
ITT Hartford Insurance Group 122,590 19-21
First State Management Group, Inc 4,000 21 Insurance
Federal Home Loan Bank 47,490 22 Financial Institutions
NAIC Securities 22,500 19 Insurance
Securities & Exchange Commission 106,117 11,12,13 Financial Institutions
Mayor's Office of Emergency Mgmt 45,815 23 Government
There Are Many Who Are Inspired By The New York Fire Fighters FDNY
And Like My Brother Who Volunteer On A Regular Basis. To New York City And All Of It's Municipalities Know
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