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'Radio Flier: Problem Solved Of My Computer Being Hacked

December 22 2012

It Is With Great Happiness And Gratification To Share With
All Of The mz.Radio Flier Supporters, Fans And Affiliates
That We Are Back In Business Thanks To
Future Shop And Toshiba Computers/Laptops.
I Bought My Toshiba Laptop At Canadian Company
Future Shop. They Assisted Me On Protecting
My Computer For The Future
And Upgraded All
Of My Technolodgy...For Free.
My Laptop Is Under Toshiba Warantee.
So Thank You All Once Again:
And Lets Continue On With The mz.Radio Flier
Shall We!

Signed Liz 'mz.Radio' Ferguson
CEO VP CFO Of Everything I Do Artistically

October 19, 2012

To All My 'Radio Flier Recipients, Followers And Supporters
It Is With Great Sadness To Inform My Radio Flier Recipients, Followers And Supporters That I Have Been Cyberilly Hacked. (Bullied) I Have No Access To My Own Personal Laptop That I Purchased As An Investment For The 'Radio Flier: 2 Months Ago: Currently At Point Of Logging On To My Laptop The Intruders Software Takes Over.The Intruders Have Access To All Of My Files (Personal And Business:mz.Radio) And Professional/Personal Photos, And All Of My Graphic mz.Radio Design, And My Email Accounts:, Blogger Account:, and Facebook: Liz Ferguson (mz.Radio).


The 'Radio Flier Has been Ongoing Since 2006. It Has Been On The Google: Website Blogger Since 2009: All Of The 'Radio Flier's Since 2009 Have Been Under Copyright And PUBLISHING Laws.
Thanks To The Assistance Of I Take The Responsibility Of Writing, Creating, Sending The Final Product Of The Radio Flier Very Seriously So, I Apologize For Every Recipient Who I Have Taken Your Email In Confidence, And Still Remain To Do So. I Am In Contact With The Local Authorities And Am Recieving Legal Council, That Being Said: As I Am Holding Off On The Radio Flier, Until I Have Recieved Divine Confirmation That It Is Safe To Proceed Sending The 'Radio Flier In Other Words: I Am Not Sending Out The 'Radio Flier Anymore, Starting Now:
October 19, 2012 Until I Feel It's Safe To Do So.  If You Recieve Any Fraudulant 'Radio Flier's Or SPAM from, Or Read on Or On My Facebook Account: Liz Ferguson (mz.Radio)


That Being Said: If You Have Any Information On The Intruders Hacking Into My Laptop: Please Contact Vancouver Police Department Or The City Of Vancouver (Vancouver Mayor Gregg Robertson Is Also A Proud 'Radio Flier Recipient)  Or Contact Myself:

Until The Time Comes To Re-Instate The 'Radio Flier, Please Look At Previous 'Radio Flier Entries On dating back to 2009, And For My American Fan Base:
Please Look To Happy Thanksgiving At American Thanksgiving November 26, 2012.

Happy Holidays And Happy New Year.

I Leave You With All My Poetic Pieces Written And Performed By:
Liz 'mz.Radio' Ferguson: Impatient Nubian, I Miss You, Brand New
Always Frays, Friends, Run Tell That, Love Letter, And Colloborations
With Seattle Natives: Robert "Sweeng One" Williams Of Who's Rankin Radio.Com
Delton "Delton-Son" Mosby, Korvus Blackbird, And Saskachewan Native
Thomas Kjorvan.

Liz 'mz.Radio' Ferguson's My Heart Sings:
Performed In New Westminister's Calvary Worship Center
(Twice - First And Second Service) Langley BC - CLA Church
At Their Kingdom Of God Concert, In Bridgetown Barbados
GOSPEL FESTIVAL, Vancouver's Anza Club, Toronto's Dwayne
Morgan Poetry Slam And Seattle Washington USA's 88 Key's
Open Mic.

Encore - mz.Radio's Love Letter

Written On October 2011, In Her Hometown Trail B.C. Canada
mz.Radio's Poem: Run Tell That Is Dedicated To Her Hometown

'Radio Play Of The Day - mz.Radio - The Truth
(Song Written And Performed By: Liz 'mz.Radio' Ferguson)
The Song Is Dedicated To The Oppresed Within North America:
The Overcomas Who Have Overcame From: Identity Theft,
Forced Prostitution, Rape, Abuse, Defrauded, Harassment, Exploited,
Ostrasized, Victomized, Beaten, Oppressed, And/Or Agravated Assault In North America. (Canada, U.S.A. And Mexico) For Those Of You Who Have:

(mz.Radio's The Truth Synoposis:
While Visiting Her Home Town Trail B.C. In November 2011
Liz 'mz.Radio' Ferguson Wrote Her First Song Complete Ready
To Perform: Song Title "The Truth"Which Happened To Be A Country Song.
A Year Later (November 2012) While Residing In Vancouver B.C. Canada
Liz 'mz.Radio' Ferguson And Her Cousin Guye "Skully" Ferguson:
Colloborated; Her Cousin Composed The Musical Composition Of
The Entire Song. 

Canadian Provincial Collaboration:
British Columbian Native: Liz 'mz.Radio' Ferguson
And Saskachewan Native: Thomas Kjorvan's
Brand New Always Frays - Featured On Thomas Kjorvan's
Album: The Heavens Are Falling

North West Collaboration: Title Track: WASSUP
Vancouver's Liz 'mz.Radio' Ferguson And 
Seattle's Korvus Blackbird And Delton Son
On The Delton "Delton-Son" Mosby's Album
The Middle Child

NorthWest Collaboration: Title Track - Ressurect
Vancouver's Liz 'mz.Radio' Ferguson And
Seattle's Robert "Sweeng-One" Williams (From Who's Rankin

Liz 'mz.Radio' Ferguson - Friends

Liz 'mz.Radio' Ferguson - R.I.P Dedication

Signed CEO, VP, CFO Of mz.Radio/mz.Radio Movement/'Radio Flier
Elizabeth (LIZ) Bernice Ferguson And The mz.Radio Board Of Directors.

'Radio Flier - Loyalty

Greetings Champion(s)

Within The Hearts Of Men,
Is Esteemed To Be

End Quote - Bryant H. McGil


LIZ ("mz.Radio" "Lizz Radio" Radio") FERGUSON
CEO,VP,CFO, of Everything I Do Artistically

Thursday, October 18, 2012

'Radio Flier - Honesty

Greetings Champion(s)

Honesty Is The Best Policy - Endquote Benjamin Franklin

Honesty Is The First Chapter In The Book Of Wisdom - Thomas Jefferson

Confidence... Thrives On Honesty, On Honor, On The Sacredness Of Obligations, On Faithful Protection And On Unselfish Performance. Without Them It Cannot Live. - Endquote - Franklin D.Roosevelt

Accuracy Is The Twin Brother Of Honesty; Inaccuracy, Of Dishonesty.
- Endquote - Nathaniel Hawthorne


Liz "mz.Radio" "Lizz Radio" "Radio" Ferguson
CEO VP CFO Of Everything I Do Artistically

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

'Radio Flier - Gossip

Greetings Champion(s)

The Best Ammunition Against Lies Is The Truth
There Is No Ammunition Against Gossip
It Is Like A Fog And The Clear Wind Blows It Away
And The Sun Burns It Off - Endquote Ernest Hemingway

When Wisdom Speaks You
Don't Have To Worry That:


When Your Wise With Your Tongue
You Won't Miss The Greater And Finer
Things In Life:

“Great Minds Discuss Ideas.
 Average Minds Discuss Events.
Small Minds Discuss People.” 
Endquote: Eleanor Roosevelt

Gossip Is An Unattractive
Past Time In Any Social Relm Of Society.
Not Only Is It Cowardly It Shows
That The One Who Gossips
Is Not TrustWorthy,
Because Gossip Is Never The Truth,
Everyone Has A Side To Their Story
But When A 3rd Party's Opinion:
Overides The Truth
Then It Is Known As Gossip
Or My Favourite:
Gossip Wastes The Time Of The Masses,
And Time Is Money
So For Those Who Are Frugal:
Know Gossip Wastes Money Too.
Hence Why Most People Only Have Time:
For One Thing And One Thing Only:
The Truth.

'Radio Play Of The Day - Lil Wayne - Gossip

CEO VP CFO Of Everything I Do Artistically

Monday, October 8, 2012

'Radio Flier - Love

Greetings Champion(s)

Evol Is LOVE Spelled Backwards.
Evol Can Mirror LOVE.
But LOVE Can Not Mirror Evol.

Can Only Mirror

Ya Dig?
Radio Play Of The Day - Sublime - What I Got


Liz 'mz.Radio' 'Lizz Radio' 'Radio' Ferguson
CEO VP CFO Of Everything I Do Artistically

Friday, October 5, 2012


Greetings Champion(s)

What Is Thanksgiving?
Well It Is Our Culture.
Canadian Culture, American Culture And Mexican Culture.
So Whomever Says: We Here In North America Have No Culture: Please Be Aware
That Canada The Great Nation I Live In:
Canada's Name Derives From A Mohawk Indian Name: Kanata Meaning Village Or Settlement. Kanata Ontario Is A Munacipality Of Canada's Great Capitol: Ottawa Ontario. So Kanata's In Ottawa And Ottawa's In Canada: Get It.  

The Name Of Canada's Capitol: Ottawa: Derives Not From The Animal The Otter But From The Odawa Native Indians Or As We Known Them Today As The Ottawa Native Indians. The Ottawa Native Indians Reside In Canada and Northern America.

In That Era Of North America: 1600's - 1800's When The Holiday Thanksgiving Began To Bear Fruit: You Have The Demographic Of North America Consisting Of The Settlers/Pioneers/Explorers Also Known As The Pilgrims,Which Originated From: France,Spain, Britain, Ireland And Of Course Scotland, All Western European Colonies Brought Black Slaves From Africa Who Are Said By The African Community To Be The: African Royals Of West Africa Hence The Name:

The Royal African Trading Company

Please Click Below On The Website For More Information In The Royal African Trading Company:

Which Was A British Company That Traded Western African Slaves. It Is Said That There Was A Tribe In Africa That Were The African Royals That The Gold Coast In Africa Did Not Like. The British Explorers Came: And Asked For Their Finest Tribes, So The African's Who Resided On The Gold Coast Gave Them Just That: The Royals Of Africa.

Another Moment Brought To You By: North American History.
Moving Forward At That Time, You Have To Acknowledge Who Resided In North America First: Before The Chinese,The Philapenos, The East Indians of India, The Russians, The Brazilians, The Barbadians (Barbados) And Other Caribbean Islands,The Polish, The Egyptians, The Morrocans, The Congolese, The Sudanese, The Greeks, The Turkish, The Australians and The Italians etc etc: Prior To All The Ethnic Backgrounds Who Assist In The Census Of Our Diaspora/Populations Of What Canada And North America Is Today:

The Native Indians Of North America
Were Here FIRST.

The Native Indians Of North America Are The Indigenous People Of North America, They Have Bands Also Known As Tribes Their Bands Are: The Mohawks, The Cherokee, The Pueblo Indians, The Inuit, The Heida, The Cree Indians, The Apache, The Blackfoot, The Cheyenne, The Colville, The Ottawa, The Navajo, The Crow, The Comanache, The Creek And The Mohicans
(With All Due Respect There Is A Band For Each Geographic Location In North America Also Known As Alot: Even If You Can't See Them: Know There EVERYWHERE.
Now That You Understand North American History:

You Will Then Enjoy And Understand The North American Holiday Called:

Thanksgiving In Canada For The Pilgrims Began In 1623 As A:

A Day of General Thanksgiving to Almighty God
For The Bountiful Harvest With Which Canada Has Been Blessed –

(To Be Observed On The 2nd Monday In October)

In America It Began In 1621 And Wasn't Embraced As Annual
Holiday Until: 1863 By Abraham Lincoln as a

"Thanksgiving and Praise to our Beneficent Father
Who Dwelleth In The Heavens,"

(To Be Observed On The Last Thursday Of November)

Back In The 1600's It Was A Feast Of Fruition Of The Thanksgiving Harvest
Between The Pilgrims (Settler/Explorers/Pioneers),
The Black Slaves,
And The North American Native Indians
And At That Table 52 Pilgrims Originally Sat
And 97 Native American Indians Sat
Ate In Harmony: Together In Celebration.
The North American Indian Bands That Stand Out During This Time Are:
The Pueblo Indians (Mexico) Cree Indians And The Cherokee Indians.
The Cherokee Indians Are The Native Indian Bands Who Taught The
Pilgrims (Settlers/Explorers/Pioneers) How To Farm:
They Taught The Pilgrims (Explorers/Settlers/Pioneers)
Which Foods Were Edible (Which Food Was Safe To Eat)
And Which Foods That They Can Replant, Water And Harvest.
And How To Harvest More And More
Than Your Average Grocery Store.
What They Taught Them Is What Contributed To The Meal
That Was Served On:
Thanks Giving
The Cherokee Are The Major Contributers Of Canada's
And North America's Agriculture Today.
Foods Like:Corn, Pumpkin, Squash, Pumpkin, Pears, Apples, Kiwi's,
Flowers And Nuts.And They Put It In A:
"Cornocopia" - The Horn Of Plenty
Which In North American Thanksgiving Symbol Of Abundance And Nourishment
For North America.
The Meat They Feasted On Was:
Fish, Lobster, Scallops, Deer, And Of Course Turkey.
Because There Were Many Turkey's Around.
In Modern Day North America Another Alias For
The Holiday: Thanksgiving Is Known As
"Turkey Day"
For Everything That The Cherokee Indians Contributed
To The Foundation Of North America:
What Happened To Them?

The Cherokees lived on the Georgia-Tennessee border. They were the richest and most advanced of all Indian tribes. They had learned early to be farmers and had grown 40,000 acres worth of crops, along with running 22,000 cattle and 7200 horses. They also kept many black slaves who operated their ten sawmills. The Cherokees of 1830 were far from wild savages. One of their number, Sequoyah, had even developed the first Indian alphabet. The people could now read books. A newspaper was also published – the Phoenix. The Cherokee were also the only Indian nation to have their own constitution. They lived in log cabins and frame houses.
In 1829 Indian Removal Act
Was Instated Into The American
And Canadian Constition. Because Of Everything They Contributed
They Were Overlooked Until 1835, 500 Cherokees Were Pressured Into
Signing A Treaty That Sold All Of Their Lands For Just Five Million Dollars
Plus An Entitlement Of Seven Million Acres Out West.
The 500 Who Had Signed Were Not Chiefs And Had No Authority To Sign
For The People. Quickly A Petition Was Organised Repudiating The Treaty
Which Gained 16,000 Signatures.

There Petition Was Ignored.

In Canada There Are Many Towns And Cities That Have A Native Name
Just Like Ottawa: The Province Of Saskatchewan,
Territories Like:Nunavit, White Horse
City's And Town Like: Nakusp, Squamish, Kelowna For Examples Or My Hometown:
Trail (Trail Was One Of The Key Trading Posts In The 1600's)
Each Trading Post Is A Fort. In My Hometown There Is:
Fort Shepard Which Still Stands Today. The Kootney's Is
The Geographical Areas In B.C. Where My HomeTown
Trail Resides In Today. Today In Canada We Have
A Astronomical Amount Of Natural Resources. In The Summer Time
My Province British Columbia Just Struck Gold AGAIN.
They Are Calling It The New Gold Rush.
In The North We Have The Ekati Diamond Mines The EKATI Diamond Mine
 ("EKATI") is Canada's first surface and underground diamond mine.[1] It is located 310 kilometres (190 mi) north-east of Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada
That Was Found On Native American Indian Reservations
And We Have The Situation That Is Brewing With The Potash Corporation of Saskatoon Saskatchewan Inc. (TSX: POT, NYSE: POT), also referred to as PotashCorp
With Foreign Investors, Local Farmers, Canadian Government
And The Native American Indians Of
Saskatchewan In Regards To Potash (Natural Gas)
That Is On The Native Indian Reservations
And The Natives Say: There Are Also Diamonds There Too.
What Is Potash?
Potash Is A Natural Gas And Also Can Be Used As Fertilizer
When You Think Of POTASH Think Of Company's Like:
BC Hydro, FORTIS Who Provide A Service For Natural Gas To The Citizens Of Canada.
There Are Many Benefactors That Make Up Our Great Nation
Of Canada That Has Been Given To Us Not Only By The
Divine Originator God But Also The Helping Hand
Of The Natives Americans Of Canada. We Have A Lot To
Be Thankful For, And So Do They. Please Take A
Stand For Our Native American Indians And Preserve
What They've Shared, And Preserve And Celebrate
In Their Culture And Protect The Integrity, Saftey
Livelyhood And Culture Of Canada's
Native American Indians Also Known As The Indegenious People.
Canada Has Opened There Doors And Forgot About
Our Indgenious People.
And One Things For Sure:
Even If It Is Thanksgiving:
You Never Bite The Hand That Feeds You.
Biblically It Is Written:
There Is A Time Of War
And A Time Of Peace
The Holiday: Thanksgiving Showcases
A Notion Of Peace,
Annually Through Out The Continent Of North America.
It Is A Secular Holiday Dedicated To:
The Native American Indians And Their Bands And The Settlers Of This Land 
 At That Time Of 1600's When That Notion Of Peace Was Passed
Between Them All And It Has Transcended Down To Modern Day:
4 Centuries Later.
In Canada, America And North America.
When You Look Around At The Average North American:
You Will Find That
We Are All Mixed
Whether Anybody Likes To Admit It Or Not:
We Are Mixed With White, Black And Red.
(Red Is Native American Indian:
Hence In The Black North American Community When Ya'all 
Call Me Redbone:

That's Where It Derives From
The Native American Indians)
If You Approve This Message Please Forward And
Happy ThanksGiving
'Radio Play Of The Day - FUN - Some Nights

CEO VP CFO Of Everything I Do Artistically

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

'Radio Flier - Hands And Feet

Greetings Champion(s)

No Matter How Hard Your Hands Work
Everyone Will See Where Your Feet Have Been

Make Sure They Compliment One Another

'Radio Play Of The Day - AC DC - Who Made Who

Sidnote: Shoe's Grapic Design By:
Liz 'mz.Radio' Ferguson
Photograph Of Shoes By:
Liz 'mz.Radio' Ferguson
Liz 'mz.Radio' 'Lizz Radio' 'Radio' Ferguson
CEO VP CFO Of Everything I Do Artistically