Saturday, January 19, 2013

'Radio Flier - Game On!

Greetings Champion!!

Patience Is A Virtue,
Or Does It Just Give
You More Time To Practice
Winning A Championship
Either Way:

The NHL Is Finally Back:
And Hopefuly Hockey Will Be Better Than Ever!
I Wanna See More Fights This Year Guys:
I Mean I Wanna Have A Moment
Where I Mistake Hockey For Boxing!
Oh And Another Thing
I Wanna See The Stanley Cup In Vancouver!!


'Radio Play Of The Day  - Game On! From The Motion Picture Waynes World

Liz 'mz.Radio' Ferguson
CEO VP CFO Of Everything I Do Artistically

'Radio Flier - Stay Fresh!

Greetings Champion(s)

Fresh Activity Is The Only Means
Of Overcoming Adversity

Endquote - Anonymous

1Love To Your Weekend!

Liz 'mz.Radio' Ferguson
CEO VP CFO Of Everything I Do Artistically

Thursday, January 17, 2013

'Radio Flier - Liberty Of Expression

Greetings Champion(s)

For Those Of You
Who Know Me Personally
Ever Since I Was A Child:
You've Heard
My Banter,My Tangents, Debates,
Arguments, Fist Fights,
My Tempter Tanrtums
My Speeches, My Poetry
My Self Expression, My Passion
And/Or You've Seen Me
Research And Read
Great Biographies/Autobiographies
Of  Great Civil Rights Leaders,
Civil Rights Advocates,
Civil Rights Embassadors,
So Ofcourse,
You've Heard My Cries,
And Seen My Tears,
And Seen My Stance,
For Our Liberty,
Freedom From Injustice,
Fredom From Captivity,
Freedom From Confinement,
Freedom From Poverty
Freedom From Homelessness
Freedom From Physical Restraint
Freedom From Sexual Restraint
Freedom To:
To Sustain Our Human Rights,
Freedom To Sustain Our Equal Rights,
As A Women, Man, Or Child
Here In North American.

Why? Because It's Our God Given Right To Be Free.

If You Haven't Seen Or Heard Me;
Well Then Guess What?

You Don't Know Me -

Liz Radio
CEO VP CFO Of Everything I Do Artistically

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

'Radio Flier - Dr.Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day!

Greetings Champion(s)

“Never, Never Be Afraid To Do What Is Right,
Especially If The Well-Being Of A Person Or Animal Is At Stake.
Society's Punishments Are Small
Compared To The Wounds We Inflict On Our Soul
When We Look The Other Way.”
―  Endquote - Martin Luther King

Above Is The Statue Of The: The Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial
That Can Be Viewed In Washington D.C. In West Potomac Park.
After 2 Decades Of Planning, Fund Raising And Construction
The Memorial Was Opened To The Public On August 22, 2011.
A Celebratorial Ceremony Dedicated To Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Was
Originally Scheduled For August 28th 2011.
The Celebration Was To Happen On
The 48th Year Anniversary Of
"I Have A Dream" Speech
That He Delivered On The Steps
Of The Lincoln Memorial Steps.
But Because Of
"Hurrican Irene" The
Celebratorial Ceremony Was Rescheduled
For/On October 16th 2011.
Dr. King's Celebratorial Memorial Was Then
Held On: The 16th Year Anniversary
Of 1995's Million Man March.

This 30 Feet White Granite Statue Of
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Is A Reminder
To Us All: How Even Now:
There Is Still Honour
When You Take A Stand - pun intended.

'Radio Play Of The Day - Martin Luther King Jr - Mini Bio

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day!

Liz 'mz.Radio' Ferguson
CEO VP CFO Of Everything I Do Artistically

Sunday, January 13, 2013

'Radio Flier - Northern Lights

Greetings Champion(s)

I Call You Northern Lights?

And Only One Person Responded Me Back:
And Asked:
What Are The Northern Lights?
Please View At The Pictures Below
That Display The Natural Light Display.

File:Aurora Borealis Poster.jpg

The Northern Lights Are A Natural Light Display
 Located In Western Northern Hemishpheare Also Known
As Canada, Finland, Greenland, Iceland, Sweden, Denmark
Scotland And The Artic Regions.  The Northern Lights
Are Caused By The Collision Of Energetic Charged
Particles With Atoms In The High Altitude Atmosphere.

The Northern Lights Are Also Known By The Name:

Alot Of North American Native Indians Believe
That The Northern Lights Natural Display Of Lights
Happens When God Dances Above The Sky.
The Ojibwa Indians Have A Great Legend About
The Northern Lights: One That Describes
Great Rescue And Refuge And The Power Of God
When He Answers Prayer.
Please Click On The Link To Read The Legend.

What Is The North Star?

The North Star Is A Single Star
In The Sky But One Of The
Brightest Stars In The Sky. 

When The Explorers Departed From:
Spain, France, Ireland, Scotland And Britain
In The 1500's:
They Ventured Over To The America's
North, Central And South America
They Used
The North Star To Guid Their
Ships Over The Atlantic
Because They Had Never Been There Before.
Some Explorer Names You Will Find Familiar:
Possibly Some Of Your Relitves:
Jaques Cartier, Christopher Columbous
Samuel De Champlain, John Cabot, Henry Hudson
Giovanni Verazano To Name A Few.

That Same Star That Guided
The European Explorers In The 1500's
Is The Same North Star,
That Guided The 3 Kings To Bethlehem
To Where Jesus Christ Was Born.

It Is More Than A Compus
It Is A Guiding Light.
That's Why I Call You Guys:
Northern Lights
And I Call Myself The North Star.

Now Back To My Starbucks Coffee:

And Enjoy This Radio Play Of The Day!

'Radio Play Of The Day - Fun - Some Nights

Liz 'mz.Radio' Ferguson
CEO VP CFO OF Everything I Do Artistically

'Radio Flier - Hallmark Series (Volume I)

Greetings Champion(s)

I'ma Switch It Up On You Today:
And Have A Hallmark Moment When I Say:
I Support All The People Who Are
In And I Quote:
"Non-Conventional Monogamous Romantic Relationships"
- Endquote
(That Is Ofcourse: Excluding Cheating And Infedility)
"Non-Conventional Monogamous Romantic Relationships"
Tend To Be A Lot Healthier Than The Average Relationship
And Because
"Non-Conventional Monogamous Romantic Relationships"
Don't Matter If You
White, Black Or Red (Native)
Everyone's Heart Has Their
Own Definition Of Love
"Love Is Bond."
And It
1 Word:

If  Any One Is Giving Your Love Movement
A Hard Time:
Remember Talk Is Cheap
When The Speaker Is:
A: Miserable
B: Standing Alone
(cause they ain't got no one
who holds them down with A Love That Comes From: A
"Non-Conventional Monogamous Romantic Relationships"

So If They Call You And You Decide To Answer Them:
Tell Them:
So What?

'Radio Play Of The Day - Field Mob And CIARA - So What

1Love To The Love Movement

Liz 'mz.Radio' Ferguson
CEO VP CFO Of Everything I Do Artistically

Saturday, January 12, 2013

mz.Radio - R.I.P. Dedication

Greetings Champion(s)
Check Out One Of My Oldest Poetic Sets Dating Back To: August 2007:
It's Called R.I.P. Dedication

Liz 'mz.Radio' Ferguson
CEO VP CFO Of Everything I Do Artistically

Thursday, January 10, 2013

'Radio Flier - Welcome Home

Greetings Champion(s)

In The Next Couple Of Years
All Of Our Troops Will
Be Back From The Middle East,
After Doing Multiple Tours
That Lasted Well Over A Decade.

On Behalf Of Myself 
Liz 'mz.Radio' Ferguson And
The mz.Radio Family To
Our Troops Here In North America:

We Salute You
And Welcome Home

And Remember

Stars Can
Not Shine
Darkness - Endquote "Some Guy"


1Love To Our Troops -
From the mz.Radio Family

Liz 'mz.Radio' Ferguson'
CEO VP CFO Of Everything I Do Artistically

'Radio Flier - LIFE!

Greetings Champion(s)
All Life Is An Experiment
The More Experiments You Make The Better
- Endquote - Ralph Waldo Emerson
'Radio Flier - Ludacris, Usher And David Gruetta: Rest Of My Life
Liz 'mz.Radio' Ferguson
CEO VP CFO Of Everything I Do Artistically

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

mz.Radio - Rappers Wanna Battle

Greetings Champion(s)

'Radio Play Of The Day - mz.Radio: Rappers Wanna Battle

Liz 'mz.Radio' Ferguson
CEO VP CFO Of Everything I Do Artistically

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

'Radio Flier - Greetings Starr!

Greetings Starr!!

This 'Radio Flier Is Dedicated
To All My Stars
(I Haven't Forgotten About You)

All That Glitters Is Gold
Only Shooting Stars Break The Mold

- Endquote Smash Mouth - From The Song:
All Star

Now Go And Break The Mold -
And Don't Ever Look Back.
That Is What Northern Lights Do:

And I Am Your Host:
The North Star!

'Radio Play Of The Day -
 John Lennon - Instant Karma (We Shine On)

Encore - Play Of The Day -
 Smash Mouth - All Star
1Love To All My Starrs!!
Liz 'mz.Radio' Ferguson
CEO VP CFO OF Everything I Do Artistically

Saturday, January 5, 2013

'Radio Flier - We On The Team Bitch!!

Greetings Champion

Whether I Call You Starr Or Champion

Where Were You On February 28th 2010 -
Did You Happen To Watch

The 2010 Winter Olympic Game
With The Notorious Hockey Rivals,
The Canadian Men VS The American Men

During The 2010 Vancouver
And Whistler Olympics!!

And The Canadian Men's Hockey Team

I'll Tell You Where I Was In
Beautiful Vancouver B.C. Canada
Handing Out These
mz.Radio Customized
Olympic 2010 Stay Bless Pins:
If You Notice On The Bottom Center
Is My mz.Radio Logo -

If You Recieved One Of These:
Then We Met, On Granville
And Robson Street
(Robson Square) In
Vancouver B.C.
February 28th 2010 -
During The Olympic Gold Celebration!!
I'd Love To Hear From You And
Your mz.Radio Customized
Olympic 2010 Stay Bless Pins!!
Please Email At:!

The Way A Team Plays As A Whole
Determines Its Success.
You May Have
The Greatest Bunch
Of Individual Stars In The World,
But If They Don`t Play Together,
The Club Won`t Be Worth A Dime -
Endquote - Babe Ruth


'Radio Play Of The Day - B.O.B. - The Champion

Liz 'mz.Radio' Ferguson
CEO VP CFO Of Everything I Do Artistically

Thursday, January 3, 2013

'Radio Flier - Swag

Greetings Champion

It Is Not What They Call You
It Is What You Answer To:

What Is Swag?
Well For Starters:
Swag Is "Slang"

According To The Urban Dictionary.Com

Swag Is:
Originally From The
Slang Word
Which Was A Description Of The Way Some
"Scots" (Scottish People)
Walk In A "Swaying Motion"
The Word Was Then Misintertpreted By The
As "The Way Someone Presents Themselves"
For Example: To Look Cool.
Fast Forward To Present Day:
Where It Is A North America Pop-Culture
Linguistic Phenomena That Expresses
Your Own Self-Proclaimed Image.
That's Swag -


From Then To Now:
Do You Think The Word's
Meaning Has Become Lost In Translation
Due To Pop-Culture?
Well If So:
Just Scream And Shout And Let It All Out -
Endquote Will.I.Am - Black Eyed Peas
'Radio Play Of The Day - Will.I.Am FT Britney Speares - Scream And Shout

Liz 'mz.Radio' Ferguson
CEO VP CFO Of Everything I Do Artistically

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

'Radio Flier - Happy New Year!

Greetings Champion(s)

Happy New Year!

'Radio Play Of The Day - Van Morrison - Celtic New Year!

Liz 'mz.Radio' Ferguson
CEO VP CFO Of Everything I Do Artitisically