Thursday, February 28, 2013

'Radio Flier - "Love Bessie"

Greetings Champions!

No-One Has Ever Heard Of A Black Women Pilot In 1919.
I Refuse To Take "No As An Answer"
-End Quote: Elizabeth "Bessie" Coleman.

Being That Is Is The Last Day Of Black History Month 2013
I Thought I'd Share With You More Information On One Of My:
Favourite Black Female Civil Rights Leaders, Trendsetters, Pioneers
Aviators, Stunt Pilot And Record Breaker:
Texas And Chicago Native:
Elizabeth Coleman As In "Bessie Coleman"

I Guess You Can Call Me Biast For Many Reasons Why She Is My Favourite:
*Because Just Like "Brave Bessie" I Too Am In The Tourism Industry
*Because I Am An Accredited Travel Agent With The
International Air Transport Association Since 2002,
*Because She Was Noted To Be At One Time:
"The Worlds Greatest Women Flyer" 
And I Have "Flier"As The Compound Word In The Title Of 'Radio Flier
That You All Read On A Regular Basis
*Maybe It's Because I've Visited Many Countries By Plane Like:
Spain (Three Times) Mexico(Three Times), England(Twice) Germany (Twice)
 France (Once)  Belize, Barbados, And United States (I Lost Count)
*Maybe It's Because I'm Goal Orientated, Ambitious, And Independent:
And Stories Like Bessie's Inspire Me,
*Maybe It's Because Bessie Was One Of The Original
"Fly Girls" Because She Was  Known To Be A "Beauty In The Sky's"
*Or Maybe It's Because My Name Is "Elizabeth" Just Like "Bessie's"
Last But Not Least I Think It Is Because She
Conquered And Overcame Many Obstacles I Face Today
On A Regular Basis And It Is The Year:

Either Way: Bessie Coleman Is One Of My
Favourite Black Female Civil Rights Leaders, Trendsetters And Pioneers.
Here Is Some More Info About Her Below:

Bessie Coleman was born January 26, 1892, in Atlanta, Texas,
She Was One Of Thirteen Children.
Her mother was Black And Her Father Was Of
American Indian (Native/Aboriginal) And Of Black Descent.

Her Father Left When She Was Seven And Her Mother
Did Her Best To Raise The Family Alone.
The Children Helped By Picking Cotton;
And The Girls, As Soon As They Were Old Enough,
Helped With The Washing Their Mother Took In To Make Ends Meet

Bessie Had A Drive To Better Herself And Became An Avid Reader.
By Using The Traveling Library That Came Through Two Or Three Times A Year,
Bessie Managed To Finish High School
(Not A Small Achievement In Those Days).
Although Her Mother Let Her Keep Her Earnings From Washing And Ironing,
Bessie Could Only Afford To Attend College For One Semester.
She Was Determined To Get Ahead, And Show The Way To Others,
Handicapped By What She Believed Were The Evils Of:
Racism, Poverty, And Ignorance.

Shortly After World War I,
She Made A Firm Decision To Learn To Fly.
She Read Everything She Could On The subject.
She Tried Applying To One Flying School After Another,
But Was Quickly Turned Down.
In Those Times (1919 and 1920),
Her Race Was An Obvious Reason And Her Sex Was Another For Being Denied.
She Did Not Stop There. With The Help Of Robert Abbot Who Was
The Editor And Publisher Of The Chicago Weekly Defender,
Bessie Learned French And Contacted An Aviation School In France.
With Her Savings From Her Manicurist's Job And Working In A Chili Parlor,
Bessie Made Two Trips To Europe. There She Learned About The Hazards Of Flight
And In 1921, Earned Her License
(Two years before Amelia Earhart) 
From The Federation Aeronautique Internationale.

Bessie Returned To France In 1922 For Lessons To Learn,
The Difficult And Dangerous Air Maneuvers For Stunts And Aerobatics.
Upon Returning Home, She Became A Barnstormer.
Barnstormers Roamed The Country And Rented Cow Pastures Where
They Put On Their Air Shows. They Called Themselves "Gypsies"
And Flew Low, Zoomed High Above The Barns, And Sometimes
Flew Through Barns.

When Bessie Returned To The United States To Pursue
Her New Flying Career, She Knew She Must Have 
Publicity To Attract Paying Audiences. 
She Created An Exciting Image Of Herself With A 
Military Style Uniform And An Eloquence That Belied Her Background.
Her First Appearance Was An Air Show September 3,1922
At Curtiss Field Near New York City. The Show, Sponsored By
Robert Abott And The Chicago Defender, Billed Bessie As 

"The World's Greatest Women Flyer"
More Shows Followed Around The Country Including Memphis And Chicago 

On June 1925, Bessie Made Her Flying Debut In Texas At A Houston Auto Racetrack
Renamed Houston Aerial Transport Field In Honor Of The Occasion.
In The Time Between Her 1922 Flying Debut In New York And Her 1925 Texas Debut
Bessie Never Lost Sight Of Her Goal Of Opening A School For Aviators.
She Flirted Briefly With A Movie Career, Traveled To California To Earn Money
For A Plane Of Her Own. She Crashed That Plane Once She Bought
It And Then Return To Chicago To Formulate A New Plan.
It Was Another Two Years Before She Finally Succeeded In Lining Up 
A Series Of Lectures And Exhibition Flights In Texas. 
Once There She Defied Not Only Racial Barriers But Gender Barriers As Well.
She Appeared In San Antonio, Richmond, Waxahachie, Wharton, Dallas 
And Numerous Unreported Small Towns And Fields. At Love Fields In Dallas
She Made A Down Payment On A Plane From The Curtiss Southwestern Airplane
And Motor Company Probably An Old Jenny (JN-4 With An OX-5 Engine)
Following A Brief Return To Chicago, Bessie Left For Series Of Lectures
In Black Theaters In Georgia And Florida. 

After Two Months In Florida
She Opened A Beauty Shop In Orlando To Hasten Her Accumulation 
Of Funds To Start The Long Awaited Aviation School.
Using Borrowed Planes Bessie Continued To Exhibition Flying 
And Occasional Parachute Jumping. As She Had Often Done In Other 
U.S. Locations, Bessie Refused To Perform Unless The Audiences Were Desegregated
And Everyone Attending Used The Same Gates.  With The Patronage
Of A Wealthy Businessman, Bessie Made The Final Payment On Her Plane In Dallas
And Arranged To Have It Flown To Jacksonville For Her Next Engagement Scheduled:
May 1, 1926.

She Had Her First Major Accident In 1924.
On April 30 1926, She Died During A Test Flight
Before Sponsored By The Negro Welfare League In Jacksonville, Florida.
The Airplane Did Not Pull Out Of A Nose Dive, Somersaulting 
Instead, Throwing Bessie To Her Death.
Her Body Was Returned To Chicago And Over 5,000 People Attended 
Her Funeral. She Was Buried In Lincoln Cemetery.

For More Information On Bessie Coleman Please Click Here:

'Radio Play Of The Day - Louise Armstrong - When The Saints Go Marching In

1Love To The Black Civil Rights, Pioneers, And Record Breakers
Until February 2014 -

Liz 'mz.Radio' Ferguson
CEO VP CFO Of Everything I Do Artistically

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

'Radio Flier - Diversion

Greetings Champion(s)

Another Word For:
Diversion- End Quote: mz.Radio

What Is A Diversion?
A Diversion Is A Noun:
(A Person, Place Or Thing)
It Is The Act Of:
Diverting, Derailing  Or Turning Aside
A Person(S), Place Or Thing
From Course Or Purpose.
A "Ringer" Is Also Known As A Diversion.
In The North American Judicial System
It Is Acknowledged And Named:
In Laments Terms: 
A Diversion Is 
A Conniving, Cruel, Inhumane 
Pre-Meditated Distraction
To Throw You Off Your Course
Of Your Own Life; 

A Life That God Has Already Predestined You For.

Man's Heart Has Plans 
But Gods Purpose Always Prevails -
End Quote : "The Bible" 


'Radio Play Of The Day - Ludacris - Roll Out

Liz 'mz.Radio' Ferguson
CEO VP CFO Of Everything I Do Artistically

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

'Radio Flier - Reality

Greetings Champion(s)

You Know The Saying:

-Ignorance Is Bliss-

Well It's Not:

            Is Just
                         Ignorance.  - End Quote: "Reality"


Liz 'mz.Radio' Ferguson
CEO, VP, CFO Of Everything I Do Artistically

Thursday, February 21, 2013

'Radio Flier - Underground Railway


Greetings Champion(s)

Being Canadian I Believe It Is
Imperative To Celebrate  Black History Month,
Being That From The Years
1793 - 1895, More Than 30,000
Slaves Came To Canada From America
Via The Underground Railway.
Although We Have Only
A Few Black Canadian Civil Rights Leaders,
Canada Is A Nation Built On "Civil Rights"

To Not Acknowledge That There Is A:
Civil Rights Liaison
Between Canada And The U.S.A.
Would Be Really:

One Of Canada's Black Civil Right Leaders Is:
Harriet Tubman.

Who Is/Was Harriet Tubman?

Harriet Tubman Was Born In 1820 And:
Was A Afro-American Abolitionist, humanitarian during
The American Civil War.
Born Into Slavery,
Harriet Tubman Escaped And Subsequently
Made More Than 13 Missions To Rescue More Than 70 Slaves
Using The Network Of Antislavery And Safe Houses Known As
The Underground Railway.

What Is The Underground Railway?
During The 1800's
The Underground Railway Was A Network Of Secret
Routes And Safe Houses Used By 19th Century Black Slaves In
The United States To Escape To Free Provinces In Canada.

To Some Harriet Tubman Was A Traitor.
To Myself:
She Is A Legend.
She Is A Pioneer.
She Is A Civil Rights Leader.
Look At What Harriet Tubman And Others
Led Black American Slaves To.
With A Non-Bragadocious Pen:
She Led Many Of Our Black 'AMERICAN' Slave Descendents
To Modern Day Today's
Canadian Charter Of Rights And Freedoms:

What Is The Canadian Charter Of Rights And Freedoms:

It Is One Part Of The Canadian Constitution.
The Constitution Is A Set Of Canadian Laws Containing
The Basic Rules About How Our Country Operates.

What Are The Canadian Charter Of Rights And Freedoms?
*Freedom Of Expression
*The Right To A Democratic Government
*The Right To Live And To Seek Employment Anywhere In Canada
*Legal Rights Of Person(s) Accused Of Crimes
*Aboriginal People's Rights (Native Canadian/American Rights)
*The Right To Equality, Including The Equality Of Men And Women
*The Right To Use Either Of Canada's Official Languages (English/French)
*And Last But Not Least My Favourite:
-Endquote The Canadian Charter Of Rights And Freedoms
(As In The Canadian Constitution)

Translation: Being A Visual Minority: Black Canadian
:The Canadian Charter Of Rights And Freedoms
Is The God Given Freedoms That I Live In Today:
All Day - Every Day!

Now About A Century Has Passed Since
The Underground Railway:
And We Haven't Seen Many Black Civil Right Leaders
Or Many Civil Rights Leaders In Canada:
But That Was Last Century:
We Are In A New Era: A New Century:
So I Challenge All Of The
"Patriotic Proud Canadians"
For The 21st Century
To Raise The Bar Again In Canadian Civil Rights.

Liz Radio
CEO VP CFO Of Everything I Do Artistically

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

'Radio Flier - Permissible

Greetings Champion(s)

Everything Is Permissible
But Not Everything Is Beneficial

Everything Is Permissible
But Not Everything Is Constructive -
End Quote:  "The Bible"

'Radio Play Of The Day - 
Lauryn Hill - Everything Is Everything

Enjoy The Rest Of Black History Month

Liz 'mz.Radio' Ferguson
CEO VP CFO Of Everything I Do Artistically

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Radio Flier - Honor

Greetings Champion(s)

Everybody Is On A Team In The Game Of Life,
Meaning Your Actions Effect Us All.

I Must Ask:

How Do You Define Honor?

I Define Honor? As:

When I Get Hit
We Get Hit

When I Fall
We  Fall

When I Tenaciously Rise
We Tenaciously Rise

When I Triumph
We Triumph

When I Beat All Odds
We Beat All Odds

When I Win
We Win

Its Realizing That It Is Really Not About
YOU In The Game Of Life,
But It Is About "US".

There Is No "I" In Team: 
But There Is "US" In Victorious
I Have To Ask You:
What Do You Do That Effects Me In A Positive Manner:
That Is Honorable:
Within Our Community, Nationally Or/And Globally

Because Just Like
"Iron Sharpens Iron" - End Quote: The Bible
Know: Shine Brightens Shine

When I Shine 
We Shine

Enjoy Your Week!


Liz `mz.Radio`Ferguson
CEO VP CFO Of Everything I Do Artistically