Wednesday, March 27, 2013

'Radio Flier - Sweet Dreams

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We All Have Big Changes In Our Lives
That Are More Or Less
A Second Chance
End Quote - Harrison Ford


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Monday, March 18, 2013

'Radio Flier - Music Geek

Greetings Champion(s)

A Civilization Is Known For Two Things:
It's Arts And It's Wars.

When Talking About "The Arts"
You Must Add: "Music"
What A Painter Does With His Paintbrush
Is What A Poet/Songwriter/Composer
Does For The Arts Enthusiasts:
Now That Being Said:
"Classical Music" Originated
In Europe Back In 1500's;
You Can Not Leave It Out
Because Classical Music Influences
Modern Day Music.

Now Let's Fast Forward (Pun Intended)
To The 1900's Also Known As The 20th Century.

So Like I Said: Fast Forward To The
1900's/20th Century: Location:
North America: America To Be Precise.
Now: American Music
Is Like The "Tap Dance"
To Europe's Ballet But It Is:
Our "Culture".
Side Note: Tap Dancing Originated In America
From The 1920's. 

That Being Said: America
In The Past Century Is:
Present Day
"International Commercial Music"
 Also Known As:
It Is A Showcase Of:
North American Creative Innovative Powerhouses.
(Or What I Like To Call: The Levi's Showdown)

How Did It Begin?
It Began With:

Western Music Was Influenced And Began In The Early 1800's Hundreds
And Was Composed Of Old English,Scottish, And Irish Folk Ballads
And It's Content Was About The People Who Settled And
Worked Throughout The Western United States And Western Canada.
Which Influence And Inspired The Birth Of Blue Grass Music.
Blue Grass Music Was Created Mid-Late 1800's In America
Present Day.  It Is A Sub-Genre Of Country Music.
Blue Grass Music Was Inspired By The Music Of Appalachia
(North American Native Indians)  It Is Mixed With Scottish,
Irish, And English Traditional Music And Also Influenced By:
The Music Of African Americans Through Incorporated Jazz Elements.

From Blue Grass American Music 
Then Was Introduced To: Country Music. 

Country Music Began In The Rural Regions Of 
The Southern United States In 1920's.
Country Music Consists of Instruments Such As:
Banjos, Electric, And Acoustic Guitars, Fiddles, And Harmonicas. 
Also In 1920's Originating From New Orleans Louisiana 
Came Jazz Music.  

Jazz Music Capture The Music Hearts Of Many
In The South Western States Of America And Was Hugely Influenced 
By Black Americans.  It's Music Compositions Contain:
Blue Notes, Improvisation, Polyrhythms, Syncopation, And Swung Notes.  
From Western Music, Blue Grass, Country And Jazz  Music: 
American Music Then Birthed:
Rock 'N Roll. 

ROCK 'N ROLL  Originated In The United States
During The 1940's And Early 1950's.  Primarily From A Combination
Of Country, African American Blues, Jump Blues, Jazz And Gospel Music.
Though Elements Of Rock And Roll Can Be Heard In Country Records Of The
1930's And In Blues Records From 1920's Rock And Roll Did Not
Acquire Its Name Until The 1950s
From Rock 'N Roll North American Music Birthed
Soul Music (The Motown Era)

Then Immediately After That Came:
Soul Music During The 1950's And 1960's
Which Is: That Combined:
African Gospel Music And Rhythm And Blues.
From Motown American Music
Birthed "Funk".

In The 1970's In America: Came Funk
When African American Musicians Created A
Rhythmic, Danceable New Form Of Music Through
A Mixture Of Soul Music, Jazz, R&B And Blues.
In The Late 1970's  American Music:
Birthed Hip Hop Out Of New York City -

Which Not Only Introduced: MC And Rapper
But Introduced The Art Of:
MCing, Rapping And "DJ"ing.
In The 1980'S America Music Birthed:
R&B Stemming From The Soul Era, Which
Would Also Later Introduce:"Neo-Soul"

In The 1980'S America Music Birthed:

R&B Stemming From The Soul Era, Which
Would Also Later Introduce:"Neo-Soul"

And Then In 2006: "I Showed UP"
Fresh On The Scene 
From Beautiful British Columbia Canada:
mz.Radio Of Course

And The Rest Is History......
American History.....
North American History. 

So I Gotta Ask All Of My Innovative, Creative, Musical, Artistic
People In North America: 
What Will Be Next In This New Century Of Music? 
Don't Forget It Is The 21st Century - 

To Be Continued.....

'Radio Play Of The Day - Kid Rock - Purple Sky

Liz 'mz.Radio' Ferguson
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