Monday, August 19, 2013

'Radio Flier - Happy World Humanitarian Day

Greetings Champion(s)

The Word Human Is The Root Word In The Word
Humanitarian -
If You Consider Yourself A "Human Being"
Then Taking A Stand For The
Betterment Of Mankind (Even Here In Canada/North America)
Is Something Really Simple That You Don't Even Need
To Think About.

Happy World Humanitarian Day!

“Every Year  On August 19th We Mark
World Humanitarian Day In honour of aid workers,
who have lost their lives in the line of duty.
We commemorate their sacrifice and reaffirm
our commitment to the lifesaving work
that humanitarians carry out around the world every day,
often in difficult and dangerous circumstances,
where others cannot or do not want to go.
This year our World Humanitarian Day campaign is
calling on people to answer a question:
 ‘What Do You Think The World Needs More Of?’”
End Quote: Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon

For More Information On World Humanitarian Day Please
Click Here On The United Nations Website

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