Tuesday, January 14, 2014

'Radio Flier - Follow The Leader

Greetings Champion(s)

When Provoked In Leadership:
Remember: A True Leader Will Take Risks
And Will Go Against The Grain For The
Betterment Of The Leader's Following.
A Leader's Wise Choices Has Nothing To Do
With Their Opponent; But Has To Do With
The Path That Their Paving For
Their Loyal Followers (Fan).
A Leader; (Coincidently) Has A Responsibility
To Their Own Leaders And This Allegiance
Always Overrides The Importance
Of Competing With Their Opponent
And Contributes To 'Getting The Job Done Well'.
Poor Leadership; Has The Potential
To Put The Followers In Harms Way; Why?
Because Poor Leadership Derives From
Self - Choices, Exceptional Leadership
Derives From Self-less Choices.
Poor Leadership Effects The Followers
In A Negative Undertow That
Can Potentially Derail Their Entire Following
All Together; From Afar On The Outside Looking In;
The Perception Of Poor Leadership
Can Look Pre-Meditated, Intentional Or/And
"Calculated" Hence The Term
"Poor Leadership"

When A Leader Makes Wise Choices
And Doesn't Submit To Peer Pressure
And Goes Against The Grain
For The Betterment Of Their Following;
Them And Their Following
 Never Get Splinters: Eh

End Quote - Liz Ferguson (mz.Radio)

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