Friday, January 31, 2014

'Radio Flier - Recite My Heart Sings

Greetings Champion(s)

Ever Hear A Child Recite My Poem Called
My Heart Sings And Want To Join In?
Would You Like To Know The Lyrics:
Please Read Below

My Heart Sings, My Heart Sings,
A Song Of Thanksgiving For The Becoming Of Above,
I Feel It In The Air, It Came Through You It's Gods Love,
You See My Heart Sings In Praise, Down Here To Up There
And For Your... Halo And Wings
Because As My Dear Life Change My Heart Still Sings.
For There Is This Light That Is So Common In You,
You See A lot Of You Believed In Me When You Didn't Have To,
So Everyone Here Today, I Thank You.
Now Lord My Heart Sings Prophetically In Gratitude
For Change Is Goin Come,
Now Bless The Heart Of The City Of Each Person In Your Magnitude
As Your Kingdom Comes.
Bless Them With Your Cook Soul Food
That Seeds, To Bud And Grows To Your Mod Music That Harvests Love.
Now Lord No One Keys Sweet Guidance Like Your Symphonic Preach,
If Found Defiant Please Cancel In Sanctuary.
Keep Your Eyes Of Peace On The Sparrow
Allowing Anxiety Of Tomorrow To Be For Itself
As You Make Their Heart Sing:
With Forward Motions And Double Portions Of
Gold Health, Wisdom And Wealth.
Now Lord My Intentions Are To Lyrically Super Impose,
But I Praise You Lord For You Are My Religious Composer
And In Due Time I'ma Fullfill My Destiny To Be
One Of Your Poetic Soldiers,
And I'ma Tell Them Of The Hills To Heaven
As I Remenisce Back When You Told Me
You Put The Gold Rays In My Halo
That Made This Nubian Rose Grow From Concrete,
So Lord Bless Them, As You Blessed Me;
With A Smile Of Grace That Scars Their Face
From Cheek To Cheek From The Heavens Above,
May Everyone Here Heart Start To Sing Today
In Gods Everlasting Love - Can I Get An Amen?
---- By Liz 'mz.Radio' Ferguson (All Rights/Copyright (C) Reserved)

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Liz 'mz.Radio' Ferguson
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