Friday, February 21, 2014

'Radio Flier - Team Canada Are Patriots

Greetings Champion(s)

The Name Canada Comes From The
St. Lawrence Iroquoian Native Word
Kanata Meaning 'Village' Or 'Settlement'.
In 1535, The First Nation Natives Inhabitants
of The Present Day 'Quebec City' Region Used The Word
To Direct 'French Explorer'
Jacques Cartier
To The Village Of Stadacona.
'French Explorer' Jacques Cartier
Later Used The Word Canada
To Refer Not Only To The Particular Village
But The Entire Area Subject To Donacona
(The Chief At Stadcona)
By 1545 European Books And Maps
Had Begun Referring To This Region As Canada.

In 1867 Canada Became An 'Official Country'
With The Assistance Of Implementing
It's Canadian Constitution Act.

End Quote - Canadian World History 

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