Saturday, April 26, 2014

'Radio Flier - The Beautiful World Of Tourism

Greetings Champion(s)

With Summer On The Horizon,
The Social Luxury That Tourism And Hospitality Governs
Is In It's Abundance Here In North America.
From The Airlines And Their 'Air Planes',
To Car Rentals, Bus's And Bus Tours
To Hotels, To Restaurants,
To Even 'Music Concerts',
Ski Resorts, Summer Festivals,
Musical Theatre Plays And Theatre And Film
And Of Course 'Film Festivals'
To Amusement Parks,
To 'Marathons' Like Even The 'Boston Or New York Marathon'
Athletic Even Dance Competitions
To Extreme Sports Like Hiking, Kayaking, Mountain Climbing
To Mountain Biking And More... To More Organized Sports Like
Professional Athletic Games: Like A
NFL Or CFL Football Game, NBA Basketball Game
MLB Baseball Game, NHL Hockey Game Or
To Even Tropical North American Destinations
Like "Hawaii" Or "Florida" And Of Course 'Mexico'
To Tourism Tours Customized For That Particular
Town, City, State, Province Or Territory That Showcases
A Historic Monument,
To Casino's To Shopping, To Art Exhibits, Conventions
Clubs, Bars, Pubs ... To Even
Oh Ya... 'Golf And It's Golf Courses'.
Whether Your A Practitioner Of The Events (I.E. Athletics)
Or A Fan Of Tourism And All It Has To Offer:
Tourism And Hospitality Bridges The Gap
And Creates A Circle Of Tourism Life
For Everyone To Enjoy After Your 9-5 Hours!

Ain't It Beautiful How The Tourism Body 'Sticks Together'!
End Quote - Liz Ferguson (mz.Radio)

For More Information On North American Tourism And
City's And Towns Who's Main Focus Is Tourism
In Canada Contact
Your Local BCAA (British Columbia Automobile Association)
Or CAA (Canadian Automobile Association)
And In U.S.A. Contact AAA (American Automobile Association)
For 'Canadian Provincial/Territories And National Road Maps',
'American State And National Road Maps'
Canadian And American 'Trip Tiks
And Canadian And American Tour Books For Each State And Province.
Have Fun Be Safe And Travel North America This Summer!

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