Sunday, June 15, 2014

'Radio Flier - Fathers Day Trip 2014

Greetings Champion(s)

What Do You Mean:
You Didn't Buy Your Dad An All Inclusive Trip This Year For Fathers Day?
Remember Being Kids And Dad Would Always Take Short Cuts?
Remember How Long The Trip Took And It Made You Say
This Isn't A Short Cut At All Dad,
This Is An Extensive Non-Inclusive Tour That You Just Paid For Not Me?
Ever Wonder Why There Was Never A Travel Advisory On That Specific Short Cut Your Dad Took When You Were Kids?
Can You Believe Canada Has A ...Travel Advisory Website For You Or Your Dad,
On Every Country In The World Whether Your Dad Wants To Take A Short Cut Or Not?
Ever Wonder If Certain Places You Vacation To Have A Travel Advisory That Is Advising You:
It's Not A Good Idea To Travel Here, Or If You Do: Please Proceed With Caution
Or Better Yet Ever Travelled Some Where And Was Pissed Off That Broadcasting And The Government Didn't Make It Publicly Known:
This Place Is Not Safe To Travel To? Can You Believe You Can Find Out All Those IMPORTANT Crucial Facts And More About All Travel Advisory's
Of Every Country Here On This Canadian Government Travel Advisory Website?
Do You Think This Will Help You And Your Family For Dad Next Fathers Day?
Does Sending Your Dad To A War Zone Really Convey The Sentiment:
 Dad I Love You And Happy Fathers Day Dad: Here's Your Medical And Trip Cancellation
Or And Trip Interruption Insurance If You Need It?
Can You Believe If You Did Send Your Dad To A Country
Where The Country Was In Political Unrest Or Civil War Or War Your Dad Wouldn't Be Covered With Insurance Anyways
Because It Would Be A Pre-Existing Condition? Do You Think You Need To Go To Your Travel Agent
The Next Time You Want To Wish Your Dad A Happy Fathers Day? To All You Dads Out There:
How Else Can I Say Happy Fathers Day? Isnt This The Best Way?

Cheerful Fathers Day!

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